As always, we remind Marie Kondo and the currents minimalist, the order in a house is not a matter of metres away free where you can store a lot of objects, but a reflection of our capacity of organization and prioritization. Knowing how to live with less objects is, of course, very useful to keep our house clean and tidy, but what is still more the manner in which we are able to optimize our space, you have the square footage that you have.

Of all the rooms in the house, one of which tends to generate more chaos is the kitchen. For your multifunctionalityit is easy to end up cooking, eating, working, playing with the kids, or pulling the clothes out of the washing machine in the same space that you can end up looking a jungle on the queen the most absolute disorder. Something that still has increased more in recent months, during most of which we had to work from home and take care of both young and old.

Be that as it may, the experts in order to Institute Silestone we recommend to follow four basic rules to organize and optimize our space in the kitchen, beyond the many features that we attribute, the number of people who live at home or in the space that occupies this room. Let’s review them!

Countertops are always clear


Countertops are always clear

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Although you are very cocinitas and you have a billion and kitchen appliances, it is important that you make the effort to always keep the countertops more-free as possible, without loading them with the coffee machine, the blender, jars with infusions, tools for cooking, etc Prioritizes exclusive the things that you use daily (such as cooking oil, the vase of water and little more), but keep well kept cutting boards, knives, cups, and other utensils of frequent use in accessible locations.

You can, for example, to use hangers for placing utensils or cups, or leave a wall in the kitchen to place a bar on which to hang small accessories for everyday use.

Gathers, organizes, and keeps the utensils


Gathers, organizes, and keeps the utensils

Shortly we are going to serve to keep the countertop clear if we are then unable to easily find every kitchen utensil. The most efficient way to organize all of the objects is group them by categories: start by dishes and glassware, put them together and organízalas sizes, stacking the vessels of two to three, to support the glasses to the base, keeping covered in cuberteros, etc you can Also use kitchen cupboards with pivots of wood to take the dishes to the view, and orderly within your drawer.

If you have cabinets corner or deep, a great option for making the most of the space is to have removable trays which allow you to access the elements of the kitchen faster and more orderly.

Pantry with food well organized


Pantry with food well organized

In addition to cooking utensils, food must also be organized by category. In the article “How to efficiently organize the pantry of your kitchen,” you have all kinds of tricks to get the most out of your space and keep properly the food that they are not going to the fridge.

Among other things you can do, it’s best to keep the dry food in glass jars and label them, to establish a hierarchy for utility and type of food, group with baskets or utensils storage, put the new behind (in order to prevent the food expire, or that we sobrecomprando products that we already had), take advantage of the spaces of the doors and the walls, always make a shopping list, and try not to accumulate in excess.

Use and save


Use and save

Although it may seem silly, this is truly the golden rule that worth to apply in all areas of house to prevent the accumulation of objects: just after you use something, clean it off and keep it in your site. Remember that it is not the same thing allocate ten seconds to save a single object to wait for the weekend and have to spend twenty minutes to return to your place each object.

If you follow this rule to the letter, I guarantee that your house will be kept clean and tidy for a long time and you will feel more comfortable and at peace!

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