The living room is one of the environments is most important for a house, and make a good impression on visits to and receive all over the world with comfort, it is important to have a space as comfortable as possible.

the rooms are decorated -in-kolanian-pasquini-viva-decora

Let’s rooms, decorated and welcoming is a must

The size of the room, which is decorated it is essential to set up the decorations, and as a result, the measurements of the furniture. If it is, the ideal is to not place a bet, in many of the furniture and the use of a mirror, because they give the feeling of spaciousness in the space.

12347 - room-decorated -island-arquitetura-viva-decora

. It is crucial to measure your room before you buy-furniture, even if it’s small

It is interesting, as always, count on the help of a professional in order to indicate the size of the pieces to be part of the environment, in harmony, and to stop the movement of the fluid. Getting the right lighting is also important, as the room caters for a wide variety of roles, from you receive friends, watch TV, to read a book.

3. The lighting is key in a decorated dining room

The lighting is key in a decorated dining room

See you in the planning of the rooms are decorated to a relaxation of the residents

The whole atmosphere must be the very essence of the personality of the inhabitant. His participation is essential in the choice of each and every item from the panel to the living room, passing by the couch, armchairs, and bookcases. A more classical asks you to picture frames of practice, antiques, and furniture with this look. The idea is to build a living room in modern, it’s worth thinking about the pieces of straight lines, and coatings technology. In addition to this, the products are to be signed by big names in the design world, and with a design and contemporary style, are going to steal the scene, to be sure.

Wallpapers that are a good alternative to use in your living room and it is among the most suitable are those who are neutral, allowing the furnishings and works of art to gain greater prominence. In addition to the role of the wall, there are other coatings that can be used as a stone, and thatch.

58561 decorated dining room design-different-while-madison-g-viva-decora

Wallpapers deliver style and sophistication to the living rooms are decorated

On the ground, a trick is to take the bamboo, porcelain tile and hardwood floors, it is unbeatable when it comes to comfort.

12133 - the rooms are decorated environments-is-decorated-oppa-viva-decora

A wood floor combined with the carpet in the rooms, furnished, are a great

As for the color, the more light they convey peace and quiet. If you want to give a special touch to the decor, to use a darker shade on just one wall that is a good thing.

24026 the rooms are decorated to a living-more-functional-half-architects-viva-decora

Mobile madeirados no longer in the halls, adorned the most stylish

For those who like to color more vibrant and strong, it is worth to accept them in pillows, objects, and other smaller parts. So, when you get tired, it is easy to switch them out.

Claudia Alionis, the Cactus, the Architecture, Planning and zoning, gave the advice.

Has rooms decorated to inspire you

5077-room-decorated-outside-of-the-spout-session-dalanezi arquitetura-design-viva-decora

The rooms are decorated in black and white to make the atmosphere-modern

6312 - room-decorated -room-ribeirao-preto-william-g-fiorotto-viva-decora

The rooms are decorated with items that give you peace

9959 - rooms, furnished, residential-berrini-by-arquitetura-viva-decora

Mirrors enlarge a lot to the environment and to aid in lighting

12345 rooms decorated -only the pine-island-arquitetura-viva-decora

Planning is essential, especially in small rooms

12614 rooms, furnished apartment, rt-luciane-scooter-viva-decora

White furniture give the impression of cleanliness and organization in the rooms, furnished

12693-room furnished apartment in the field-beautiful-charlotte-cuono-architecture-and-interior-living-decorating

Pillows are essential on the decorated dining room

12944-living-room-living-room-american-viva decora-viva decora

Stickers are an inexpensive and make the rooms are decorated with the most personality


Paint one wall a different color than the other, leave the decorated dining room more stylish

17118-living room-house-in-vitoria-da-conquista, ba-house-open-viva-decora

Roaming the colorful leaves of the rooms, the most happy

18427 - room-decorated -house-in-sao-paulo-sp-brazil-bathroom-an open-viva-decora

Armchairs and chairs, you can leave it on the living-room is more comfortable and friendly

19852-living room-house-in-the-district-mountain-hb-the home's open-viva-decora

Mix in the classic and the modern, the rooms decorated and it’s a trend that

19855-living room-house-in-the-district-mountain-hb-the home's open-viva-decora

20. Items that are reused are modern as well as help the environment

21111 rooms decorated -home-in-the-region-northern-rio-de-janeiro-the home's open-viva-decora

If you love prints, you can leave your luggage in harmony in the same color palette

21548 - room decordas -room-in-the-são paulo-sp-brazil-bathroom-an open-viva-decora

The retro look is in, with all the rooms are decorated! A wall newspaper, it can make the environment even more personal

21907-living room-only in-top-of-the-district-mountain-beautiful-skyline-house, open-viva-decora

The reuse of materials can make the rooms are decorated in very modern

22314-living rooms-projects-training-with ana maria vieira santos-viva-decora

Don’t miss out on the landscape, and invest in a decorated dining room with large windows

22564-living room designs-many-popular-design-viva-decora

The rooms are decorated with wall shelves

22790 rooms, furnished, residential-cyrel- - c- - - h-arquitetura-viva-decora

The use of brick in a decorated dining room makes the environment more rustic

23893 - room-decorated -many-clarice-semerene-viva-decora

Paintings and posters, to leave the environment in a more exciting

23906-living rooms-projects-training-clarice-semerene-viva-decora

Is it possible to have a vertical garden in your living room, just a plan

23907-living rooms-projects-training-clarice-semerene-viva-decora

Leather sofas are perfect in most of the rooms are decorated


Furniture, colorful-are the new trend

25835-living room-house-color-state of bahia-2012-data-magellan-and-luiz claudio-souza-viva-decora

The accessories are perfect for rooms decorated to perfection

25842 - living rooms decorated with the data-magellan-and-luiz claudio-souza-viva-decora

The color of white as the base, offering a greater dynamic to the decorations

26124 - the rooms are decorated esidenciais-guilherme-torres-viva-decora

The rooms are decorated in the black-and-white-leaves-the-room


The rooms are decorated in small, may be in modern

27281-living room-designs-different-ms-hilbert-viva-decora

Stripes will always bring movement to the rooms, furnished

27283-living room-designs-different-ms-hilbert-viva-decora

The rooms are decorated with a retro-style, are very charming

40575 - room-decorated-variety-studio-kza-viva-decora

You can disguise it with a port by using the same coating on the back wall.

52610-living-room-living-design-diverse-and later-do-madrilis-viva-decora

The rooms are decorated with the face of the owner, these are the most comfortable


The rooms are integrated with other rooms that are excellent for optimizing space.

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