Partners for the color, the elegance, the sophistication of the interior that you can not miss the balance between tones. Thus was born the last collaboration between the signing of furniture and decoration Kenay Home and Bruguer, a leading brand in decorative painting and color, who have joined together to present the release of The Colour Palette: a collection of paint exclusively to wall carefully selected and inspired by the latest trends in color.

If you already Mother Earth: the color of the year 2021 Bruguer we were surprised by his warmth and his recollection, now, this palette of shades reveals to us the importance of betting on the color to decorate the walls. A decisive factor because, the color can directly affect the space, the mood, the emotions, and even interpersonal relationships.

Thus, the selection of colors in the palette has been carried out in detail to get a range inspired by the latest trends in color and provide a range of hues to create and combine with various elements of decor.

A palette consisting of twelve colors versatile, at the same time timeless, ranging from shades of elegant terracotta earthy tones a very sophisticated and greens that evoke the wild side of the nature.

In addition, the colors White Almond -a neutral tone that breathes calm and serenity-, Pure Grey –a gray base that invites to rest – and Pale Sky -a tone mint very on-trend, they could not miss in the selection, because they are colors that Kenay Home he usually works on his projects. A sophisticated color palette in tones of warm and neutral exclusively designed to inspire consumers and to transfer them to a world full of sensations.

In fact, starting today, you can find it now on sale this palette, which points towards the current trends. There are two modes of sale; one is online, through the web page of Kenay, and the other from the same shop where they offer a unique service, in which various interior designers can help you choose the tone that best would be in your walls. Thus, from the same store, you will be advised of the premises where it is sold this new palette.

A painting that stands out for its good coverage and a silky finish on the wall that is highly valued. You can find in two formats: one of four litres to paint a stay and, in another ten liters, if your intention is to cover several areas.

The bet by the color is not only one of the final goals of both companies. Both Kenay Home as Bruguer stand out for having carried out several charitable initiatives throughout his career. In this case, they opted to collaborate with the Messengers of Peace, an NGO founded by the Father Angel whose goal is to help the most disadvantaged, to alleviate child poverty, the abuse of women and to protect families at risk of poverty.

To contribute their grain of sand, has renovated a floor ward of the association painting, furnishing and decorating their rooms. In short, to transform the lives of people through the power of the color.

We show now a gallery of images with the 12 shades that make up The Colour Palette. In addition to the spaces and the type of furniture that you can better match each shade of colour. Let the color flood all the rooms!

White Almond and Smoke Taupe


White Almond and Smoke Taupe

White Almond: a neutral tone that blends seamlessly with all types of materials and textures. A shade of white that you can’t miss.

Smoke Taupe: tone also neutral and warm that you can combine easily with other shades.

Soft Clay and Dusty Olive


Soft Clay and Dusty Olive

Soft clay: a tone is elegant, warm grey, which is adapted to the interiors of classic and modern. Can be combined with cushions, vases, or other pieces of furniture.

Susty Olive: this tone grey green inspires calm and kindness in the rooms. Ideal to combine with furniture, pieces in wood finish, or indoor plants. It is able to create real atmosphere and natural.

Sauvage, Green and terra cotta Cream


Sauvage, Green and terra cotta Cream

Sauvage green: a moss green that is currently a trend for the force transmitted through its color.

Terracotta dream– a tone of timelessness that is in fashion since last season. It is ideal because it gives the rooms a tone of extra personality. Experts recommend it for its final texture in the brick walls.

Mineral blue and Pale Sky


Mineral blue and Pale Sky

Mineral blue: a tone modern that gives harmony to the room. Ideal for promoting concentration and relaxation.

Pale sky: this tone mint does not come out of our rooms, is always in fashion by being clear and sophisticated. In addition, it combines perfectly with the wood.

Pure Grey and Intense Breeze


Pure Grey and Intense Breeze

Pure grey: basic tone that combines with solid materials, wood, stone, rattan.

Intense breeze: a shade that fits with materials more natural and indoor plants adding a touch of freshness and modernity to the room.

Sweet peony and Cream Pink


Sweet peony and Cream Pink

Sweet peony: a color between pink and salmon, perfect to combine with natural materials or other tones, for a more harmonious

Cream Pink: this neutral color with a touch of pink is ideal for environments with children and to create an atmosphere of human and comfortable.

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