A kilt, a dress, a scarf, how to wear bed! The stamping tartan pervades everything with their distinctive frames. A classic cut that will not go out of fashion and that as each fall, and this 2020 is not going to be less, comes out to give a note of color and serenity to your home.

The cold days of couch, rug, and infusion charge even more sense if you accompany this mythical patterned tartan. A style that does not change and that return each season to add a touch of comfort and warmth into the decor of our homes.

In general, the tartan original was made of wool and owes its origins to the clothing used by various scottish clans. But the reality is that, at present, each person adapts it according to your needs. One of the spaces in the more triumphs in this tissue, in addition to scarves, is in the interior decoration. Because there is always some object or corner that can be called with this combination of colors and paintings are unique that each one applies to your way.

Get used to this pattern of squares buying a duvet, a blanket for the sofa or matching cushions.

For many people it can be a bold design, especially in its classic version with a red background. But there are already so many varieties and hues that is impossible to resist to fit in, even if it’s a small detail, like the pillow or the blanket, this style that reminds us to autumn and its leaves yellow fall, and fall into entire mountains of ochre-coloured.

Indeed, it is in the ochre, brown, burgundy, pure red, and even purplewhere you can find the best color palette to include the tartan in your home. And, although for many people it may be a character style classic, rustic and even too old, the advantage is that it manages to make the house cozy right away. Yes, always and when not to overdo it in use.

You can start to get used to this design by purchasing a duvet cover, a blanket for the sofa or cushions. If the print traditional you like it too, choose a fabric black and white and voila! Also you can mix designs, and combine a few more modern with small squares with other more classical.

The tartan, like other styles, you always have fans and detractors. But for what stands out is their ability to adapt to any environment of the house, bringing serenity and comfort. We will show now, the key to enter this tissue scottish in the decoration of interiors in a very natural way:

A style ideal for upholstering sofas and armchairs


A style ideal for upholstering sofas and armchairs

A typical image of scotland is that of the sofa or armchair, upholstered in tartan very near the fireplace. The shades can go from brown to red or garnets. The important thing is to create that feeling of comfort and home that you can accompany with the help of a few cushions that go to game.

Image taken from Housetohome.co.uk

Wallpaper for the wall type tartan


Wallpaper for the wall type tartan

If you want the tartan flood your home to the full, then you have to sign up with this idea: painted paper. An ideal element that not only decorates but also lines your walls with the elegance of dark shades. A scenario autumnal and quiet that will not go unnoticed.

Image taken from Next.co.uk

Bed linen and tissues in tartan


Bed linen and tissues in tartan

The tartan you can get to your bedroom! A fabric suitable for the clothing of bed in winter, which is always a good choice. For her touch and design, manages to give great warmth to the bedroom.

Curtains in tissue scottish


Curtains in tissue scottish

The curtains in style tartan are one of the most colorful. Yes, sometimes it can be too loaded. Therefore, it is recommended that if you use this pattern scottish, the rest of the decoration of the room will have to be much more neutral.

Tablecloth with patterned


Tablecloth with patterned

Even though this image may be christmas, what is certain is that the tartan is a kind of fabric that you can use in the fall to decorate with a lot of charm to the table in the living room or the kitchen. Accompanying the tablecloth with napkins, fabric, and other items that fit squarely with this scottish-style.

Image taken from Williams-sonoma.com

Blankets or throws for sofa


Blankets or throws for sofa

As not, this fabric that does not go out of fashion is wonderful for an afternoon blanket and a movie. Includes blankets, or throws to a sofa in your home and see how good are on one of your couches.

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