Sure that you have ever thought how much you would like to enjoy a rustic decor or modern decor that includes details very natural, as the stone walls. Dreaming of a manor house of yesteryear. Now you can think of décor with this type of material in the living room, bedroom, hallways, even when you don’t have the luck of living in an old house or countryside the original.

Stone walls

It’s amazing how an interior decorated with stones can change an entire room giving it either a rustic, but also modern. You do not have to seem like a cold room, in fact you can give warmth to the atmosphere with elements such as plants or objects with powerful colours.

There are many places in the home that can be designed with a wall of stones. Used successfully, especially in the corridors, but can also be used in kitchens, living rooms or bathrooms, giving it a look very peaceful and relaxed.

Benefits of the stone walls

There are many reasons for choosing this type of wall, for example:

A natural appearance and terrenalResistencia and maintenance simpleMuchas options, to suit all tastes and presupuestosRespetuosa of the middle ambienteHermosas texturasAislamiento the noise and the temperature

What stone you choose

The best of the stones is that they are able to complement every style and decor, from contemporary interiors and modern to rustic cabins. All you have to do is to choose the right type for your design scheme.

For example, if you are planning to decorate over a wall, used in various types, colors and sizes of stone. In this way, to help ensure the vitality and personality to your home.

Thermal insulation

The stone is a material that you can seem cold and austere. However, this effect is only visual. The stones are, in fact, the best insulation is natural to preserve the interior temperature. In the summer, tend to be super fresh, and in winter, it retains the heat generated by the different types of heating.

But that coldness visual and the much talk, it’s fairly easy to counter. You can use rugs fluffy here and there, and decorating with tissue warm and soft, and by the use of warm colors, for example, red, orange, and yellow.

However, let’s not forget the possibility that the cold space is sometimes exactly what the person that decorate wants to achieve. If that is l that you are looking for, use leather, acrylic, ornaments sharp and a limited palette (white, black or grey) to enrich the effect austere in an interior decorated with stones.

The best solution is to balance between heat and cold, instead of choosing just one of them.


Unfortunately, not all of us have an old mansion house with walls of stone genuine to be proud of. However, with a little creativity, you can make your walls or fireplace is seen as a historical piece.


You do not have to preserve the original color of the stones. If your goal is to create something attractive, you can consider the colors and textures of the bravest that could help to achieve this.


You must make sure to install lights so as to highlight the texture of the stone, and accentuate their beauty and their character. You can choose lighting (light upper or lower) to conform to the shapes, colors or moods you intend to achieve.

Small spaces

If the place is small, to cover an entire wall with stones will not work well. It might seem chaotic and overwhelming, so we recommend that you cover only small portions of the wall, which have a similar effect, but at the same time are significantly more affordable.

In the living room

You can take advantage of decorative panels faux stone, you are so usual today, and looking to the original walls, they create environments decor full of style, that although elaborate, they have a very natural look. They have the great advantage that you do not break anything, and its installation is easy, economic and fast.



Best of all is that not only compatible very well with the contemporary style, but also make it very harmoniously with modern style, as the contrast of modern with rustic every time you win more ground in the world of interior decoration.


You can also take advantage of natural stones, in shops construction.



You can achieve amazing effects with good lighting.



In the bedroom

This type of decoration is adaptable to many environments, so you must not think that will only go well in the kitchen or in the living room, it is also adapted to the bedrooms. You can abrillantarlas with painting lacquer to look glossy or leave in tone matte to make them look more rustic. There are a variety of options in color today.


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In the bathroom

As you can appreciate in the modern decor, the rustic style occupies an important place in the interior decoration. Look spectacular in the bathrooms, especially when mixed with wood, or glass. This combination of materials of different texture, looks fabulous in conjunction.


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In the kitchen

They are one of the types of walls that most interest you added to a kitchen, because they have a texture very particular, that in addition is carried ideal with furniture or items of wood or wrought iron, and even stainless steel appliances. Give a look very comfortable and warm.


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