There is No doubt that, when the decoration of rooms we mean, one of the great allies to which we use are the sofas modern and with style. They are a handy item that in addition to providing a great convenience, imposing presence in the spaces and add more interest to the decoration of the rooms. That’s why today we wanted to introduce them by means of some pictures, sofas, ideal to add style in these spaces.

sofas modern

As you can see, thanks to the tremendous diversity that the current market offers us, we can choose between a wide variety of shapes, materials, fabrics, colors and prints. What that allows us all to find a proposal compatible with the décor of our home, also add up favorably. Given the large volume they occupy, they have the property to create a space with a few elements if chosen with judgment and good taste.

In addition to that the beautiful and stylish cushions and blankets decorative nowadays are offered to us, allow us to make these pieces of furniture item even more eye-catching and stylish. If you’re making plans to upgrade your home this year, you might be interested to know what are the trends in regard to sofas.

Sofas modern leather

When we seek to give life successfully to the décor of our rooms is important that you find sofas that give us comfort, while compatible with our spaces. The leather sofas are one of the most suitable options so that the room looks fabulous, regardless of the style that decorate as they are the most versatile option that the market offers us.

As if this were not enough, the market offers a wide variety of options both in terms of design, color and size. The proposals in brown, black, white, and beige of the most versatile and successful in the modern decor.

For all of these features are ideal for giving life to stone interior, room style, industrial, minimalist interiors and modern rooms.


Velvet is a material that is widely used in the upholstery, and the sofa are not the exception. They look luxurious and so full of texture. A green or deep blue can be an excellent choice to give it a very elegant look to the room, whether living room or bedroom.

Although the style chesterfield may feel old-fashioned, has made a return this year with the velvet. It is ideal for decorating a room with few decorative elements, as it is very decorative by itself.

Pastel colors

Another trend which has really taken their place in the last few years, is the use of pastel colors in the interior of our house. And now it has made its way on the couches. Subtle, charming, and wonderfully elegant, sofa, or chair cake really bring a lot of sophistication in a living room.

Sofas modern colorful

Sofas modern prints

The couches and chairs patterns have been gaining ground during the past two years and they definitely have taken their place in the market. Make a statement remarkable in any room. You must combine them with cushions smooth, without prints.

Love seat

This type of sofas, where you can sit two people, it is also one of the trends for this year.

Sofas modern in L

With decorative pillows

Cushions of different colors and styles, which apart from be funny and eye-catching, useful for anyone who wants to sit.

It can also make a sofa with cushions more rigid, filling firm. It is one of the current trends, much cheaper than a sofa conventional.

The question should be, how to fill the cushions?, because of the design it is interesting and innovative, but if the time to sit down, it’s totally uncomfortable, and impractical for the position of our spine, it will be important that the filler material has a variant other than the classic cushions, in order to give more rigidity to the sofa. This is another example of that innovation in the home decoration has no end.

Sofas Moblerone

It’s always nice to a sofa quality. When we want to decorate the living room, and we will choose the furniture, the same must be from the sofa. After all, it is the piece of furniture in stellar stay. From the couch you know what style to follow. Depends on the space you have and of course, the sofa must be the size that fits best in the living room make it look or feel small.

Current trends lean toward the contemporary décor and practice, especially within the minimalist style, dictated mainly by the constant of apartments and smaller homes. That doesn’t mean we can’t have a great sofa. Moblerone always proposes collection super modern and adapted to the actual sizes of real flats.


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Sofas Conforama

Decorate the hall it is not something that we should take like a big project, but we have much space or a lot of money. Sometimes with renew from add a new sofa, we got a attractive exchange and to our liking. The most beautiful sofas to decorate the living room, are those in which we can take advantage of color, materials and size, and in favor of the space that we have. To do this, you have to invest time in the view options and choose the best.

For those of you who think in buy a sofa, we have beautiful suggestions one of the furniture brands more attractive, Conforama. In a world of possibilities of furniture for every room of the home, we have chosen the sofas with affordable prices, and a great amount of beautiful styles, colors, sizes, and functionalities proposed within the best trends of decoration.

Maybe a small sofa for three people in a small living room-small and cozy. Or someone has a huge stay and requires a sofa six seats that allow everyone to enjoy a moment of conviviality with the comfort, what we have said, the sofa that you want at your extent Conforama.

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