In front of the iconic lake Monger in Wembley, western Australia, is the Shutter House, a smart home designed and furnished by some of the brands most renowned and with each item is chosen carefully to complement the architectural beauty of the house.

Therefore, Mobilia has joined with the study design and interior design State-of-Kin with the aim of furnishing of this unique house is formed by a block of concrete that uses the warmth of wood local to create a layer with this material that wraps around the home. By means of a mechanical system, the wooden facade opens and closes creating a sense of privacy, but allowing a clear view of the lake.

The residence of three levels, the first floor with a garage with capacity for four cars, a wine cellar and an entrance with a staircase that connects all levels of the house. The entry of wood and the holes of the lift are flanked by wall lights white porcelain by Michael Anastassiades perfectly integrated in the clarity that transmits the architecture of the home. Also at the entrance called attention to the carpet Fordite, designed by Patricia Urquiola for bring colour and greatness.

Furniture smart

Four rooms (all of them with balcony), three toilets, a laundry, a patio and a gallery are located on the main floor. The room master it is presided over by the last bed by Patricia Urquiola Moroso and an extension of their collection Round inspired by the bodywork and interior upholstery of the american cars of the 60’s.

The three bathrooms on this floor share the use of mosaics graphics, intense colors and mirrors Shimmer designed also by Urquiola for Glas Italia, which provide shades of vibrant colour that is reflected in the mosaics.

The layers of monochrome carpet Slinky CC Tapis, and the couch, “face to face” Delinquent Tend, both designed by Patricia Urquiola, show the smart use of furniture and shapes to define the space in the area of the gallery, separating the master bedroom from the rest of the rooms on the first floor. In this case, the use of multi-directional sofa allows the user to look forward to the sunny patio, or to the work of art on the opposite wall.

Versatile spaces bathed in natural light

The open space in the dining room, living room and kitchen on the second floor allows you to admire the panoramic views of the lake Monger and connects to the terrace and pool area. The balcony front, almost always sun-kissed, provides an inside view to the shutters with slats of wood, and is adorned with the collection Vimini of Urquiola for Kettal, highlighting the modern touch to traditional materials that are both elegant and warm.

The modern and versatile kitchen gives both the dining room and the living room, this latter being a balance perfect between shape, color and style that recalls the appreciation of the designers towards japanese architecture through the use of the light and the detail that integrates perfectly with the armchair Fjord and the color of the rug Visioni. The outside terrace and pool area, connected with the area of the living room are decorated with references decoration of a State-of-Kin-rich balance of color and materials.

The director of Mobilia, Salvatore Fazzari, seems happy for the opportunity to work in the Shutter House with the team of State-of-Kin: “The architecture and the interior finishes were executed with such a good taste and perfection that it was important to complement them. The home is in nature, expressive and playful, but also elegant, so that the selections had to be honest with that subtle balance that the equipment is State-of-Kin was able to create; a balance that I believe we emulate with the furniture”.

Master bath


Master bath

Mosaics graphics, intense colors and mirrors Shimmer designed by Patricia Urquiola. Photo by Jack Lovel.

Dining room


Dining room

Overlooking the terrace of the house. Photo by Jack Lovel.

Main room


Main room

Presided over by the bed Moroso by Patricia Urquiola. Photo of Fragments Photo.




Exterior view of the home. Photo by Jack Lovel.

Living room


Living room

Living room bathed in light chaired by the carpet Visioni. Photo by Jack Lovel.

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