The small environment, such as in a small living room, it’s always a challenge for the person who has the key to optimize the entire space by providing a feature comfort without compromising its aesthetic appeal.

Here are some tips for a small living room

To the design of small rooms is essential to the layout, or the layout of the furniture that prioritizes the program to the needs of the users, so that you have a sizing and ergonomic design of the furniture is to be used, with special attention given to all the spaces for circulation.

This arrangement of the furniture, all of which are to be used only with the key, so that your small living room does not get too crowded, and uncomfortable, and that it’s made in the design of the lighting along with the plaster, looking back on the highlights of the decoration where you will have to diffuse light, as well, or indirect.

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The flexibility of the enlightenment and the aesthetic effect in many forms, it is an advantage if you do it, the downgrade in the plasterboard, or on the plate. What should be evaluated for its feasibility, it is the original length of the right foot and height of the floor on the slab of the roof) of a small living room, that does not affect the thermal comfort of the environment, or that it is too low.

For environments where the right foot and the bottom of the 2.70 m), the trick is to work with the crown to open and flipped on the specific areas of the environment, acting as a delimiter of spaces, and provide a special effect in which part of the decor.

Small living room Crown inverted”>

In the decor of a small living room can be used coats of clear on the walls and in the securities, the biggest, and the abuse of the colors in the items such as cushions, rugs and objects for the home, or to work with a strong color on the walls in an orderly fashion, and that is a highlight of some of the elements of the environment, such as columns and beams, are working with large areas of the mirrors which expand and dilute the strong tones, along with the curtains, light the roof on the white ice.

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In the mirror, you should be thinking about, and that is installed in a strategic location in the environment, so that their effect will be enhanced, as well as the use of the tables, on the walls of colour for a small living room, and a painting in the form of stripes, it is a good choice, in addition to the papers on the wall.


Ana Cínthia Willis is a contributor to the Magazine, Viva Decora. An architect and a Specialist in Light Design, and with an MBA in Project Management, Architecture and Engineering, and a Master’s degree in Architecture, he Works with the fourteen-year-old in the designs of architecture, interior design, and lighting in the market and deserve to be highlighted.

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