At the time, to draw up a small room is decorated, you have to take into account what its function is, so that we can use the furniture right in order to keep her spacious living room, a comfortable, and a movement is facilitated. We should be mindful of the size of the cabinet, to avoid a disproportionate and that the spaces to be respected.

The program’s needs are determined, and the furniture is resolved, it’s time to think about the lighting and furnishings. An indirect lighting makes the environment warm, it is a light, effect, light, cinema, and with it the living room, decorated it can also be used to receive visits, and use it in the classroom on the day-to-day, or watch a movie.

Go for jackets that will bring the modernity to the site, without giving up the load. The use of a mirror, in addition to being part the joker, in a decoration, they will expand to a small room furnished and bring back the lightness to your environment.Compared to wood, wood to use for the wood and white this is super cool. Wood is an element that is always present, you will have decor for a very long time without the need to be changing at every change of the display of the wood.

Decorated in neutral colours, I want to explore the colors to the details, as pillows, objects, sculpture, or on a wall. With that, the room being small, it has a modern, current, elegant, with selected pieces that bring life to your space.

Below are some designs of the small living room is decorated

small living room decorated with

Mobile to the bottom of the window

This is the living room, because of its small size, it is not to give in to place your home in front of the sofa and bottom of the Tv screen. If this were done, it would be the circulation poor. One solution is to put a wood panel on the wall, over to the panel, a mirror and a piece of furniture under the window, which serves as an anchor point for a visit, and to keep the equipment and your TV. It is very important to bear in mind is that before any of the work must be done in the planning and design. In this project, for example, all the wires were hidden, and connected together by a conduit, built into the wall.

small living room decorated in a clean

Here it has been used for sofa, folding on the side and a cabinet-style stand in the place of the seat, and two chairs, compact, and comfortable. The furniture in the home was used in the extension to the wall to make the most of the space was used for the shelves. This is another important item in your rooms, small, decorated by, as they are lighter and give a standout on any wall.

small living room decorated with pretty

This is another room that had a layout change for the better movement of a resident of the place. On the wall where the TV is, it was raised to the creation of a mobile cristaleira. The furniture in the home, such as it was in a pass-through to the guest rooms, have you had your scale according to the movement required, in such a way that nothing will stay on tight and in their chamfered corners,and so it decreases the chances of someone getting hurt in the wood.

Cyntia Sabat is a member of Live Panels, and an architect

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Small living room decorated with style and needs

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