Decorating is one of those delights that you can enjoy on the way when you move. But many times we find that the spaces are not so broad as to facilitate the task, so that we become discouraged. But that should not be so, here we leave some tips decorating small bedrooms and you seem more great, remember that the sense of sight can be tricked with some optical effects easy to learn.

Small bedrooms

They are small decorating tricks that require just a little common sense and can serve as inspiration for your room to be a nice place, and not a space to be overwhelming that you’d like to flee.

Lighting in small bedrooms

First, let’s talk of enlightenment, we must seize it to the fullest. If the room has a window, to avoid the frames are wide, so find the design with the largest amount of glass as possible.

window without frames large

With respect to the fixture, you will need to define which is the one you need, according to the activities that you’ll use in your bedroom. If possible, use the pendants, that won’t take up space on the floor or table light, but at the same time you can turn off comfortably from the bed.

lamp pendant

Furniture for a small bedroom

Multifunctional furniture

The fundamental part of all is the furniture. The less furniture you have, the more spacious feel to the bedroom, and less messy appears to be. Our recommendation, very effective, is the use of furniture multi-function; under the bed is storage area. The same applies to the possible seats that may have. There are seats that lift the lid and have a space to store things.


Furniture that match each other

For appropriately chosen furniture, keep in mind that the secret to good decorating is in choosing a theme around which to base the room. This can be a movie, a song, a color, a style of decoration, a hobby or anything that comes into your head. This way you can’t go wrong when you buy the furniture, as it will all be in perfect harmony.



The bed is the focal point of the room, and its size should fit you. In a smaller room you should use the space and have a big bed, is not to have more luxury, but more waste.

If these newly-buying furniture, or are willing to change it, we recommend removing all of the comfortable and shelves, leaving the minimum necessary. If the room is very small, please keep in mind the possibility of using the beds are multifunctional, they are a broad-site storage.

The other option is that you can give to the bed is a sofa-bed and storage space to make it more efficient, by using the correct ordering daily.


As you well said, the possibilities are many, and depend on each person and the uses to which it gives to the room. For example, if you live alone and you work in the same room, you could use a bed of wall, which during the day can be “hiding” in a closet.

The bed multifunctional, it’s an idea that there are that make it general for all the furniture, or whatever, is to use furniture that can be used for more than one thing, for example the chests, which can be used as seats or shelves, but at the same time, allow it to be used as storage.

Colors in small bedrooms

Earth tones and neutral light color, beige sand, help a small bedroom look larger and brighter.

The serene colors like blue and green are often chosen for a bedroom, since that invoke a feeling of peace and relaxation. But avoid tones and deeply saturated color blue or green, because they can give the illusion to minimize the space.


The white is also useful, due to the light and sense of space it creates in a room. However, a white room may also seem cold and austere . Considered the possibility of tones whitish broken, such as cream, ivory, light gray and pearl in place of pure white if you want to make your room seem more cozy. In all cases, a white roof is useful for creating the illusion of greater height.



Establish a focal point

The choice of a focal point is the other fundamental piece of the decoration. Around this focus should be the view of those who arrive to the bedroom, so that you can be a work of art, a poster, or a mirror that covers a good size of the wall, and creates the optical illusion of extra space, as this poster that gives a lot of depth for their perspective.

focal point


Accessories in a small bedroom

As a last add accessories to furniture. Should be proportional to the size of the room, few in number to keep the balance, and continue the theme chosen for the decoration. Remember that the order will be fundamental in a small space, the fewer the objects are in view, the bigger it will seem the room.


The mirrors can also do their part to give a sense of depth.


Clothing that is not seasonal, it can be stored on another site outside of the bedroom and save space. The appliances, I personally recommend out of the room, but if I can’t live without your tv, you try to buy a flat-screen tv and place it on the wall, so that it does not take place on the surface of the soil.

Storage under bed

If you are like most people, the search space in your bedroom should always be a challenge; so we thought it a good idea to introduce some ideas of storage under the bed, which are the best way to saving space without sacrificing the aesthetics of our bedrooms.

Being the only requirements for success the good taste and the imagination, because with these two tools easily we will be able to take better advantage of our space while we take care of the decoration of the same.

Boxes decorated estilosamente, they can be here one of our main allies when it comes to use of space that is often left under our bed.

While if you are looking for something more sophisticated may opt out of the beds that the market already provides us with drawers under the same, as these are undoubtedly the most sophisticated offerings that allow us to save the space under our bed.

The who, for their part, have not yet built your bedroom and are in the stage of design, it perfectly can come up with a more elevated on which may be the bed, and below you will find functional drawers.

Baskets of wood or constructed in any material stylish can be an effective way to create storage under our bed.

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