It is common when you have two children of similar ages, to redesign the room first, so that the same happens to be one of the two. This is a problem that is also when the housing is small, and there is no other choice but to make a division of the room, which can generate problems among children. We’ll show you some ideas of shared bedrooms for kids that can help us in the inspiration of this difficult task.

Shared bedrooms for kids

Use of space

Before the arrival of a new child, it is convenient to redesign the entire bedroom, so the older child means that the space will be both. Otherwise, if you do not remodel the room and only put a new bed for the smallest, very quickly you will feel that you are invading their territory.

With this in mind, you should try to get the most out of the space, trying to get the furniture to be arranged in such a way to leave the maximum amount of free space.

With respect to the disposition of the furniture, you must search each one to have a intimate space, only for him or her, so that within the same bedroom, every one knows what kind of space you own and which is of the brother, and thus to achieve a balance and coexistence in peace.

Beds parallel

This is one of the most common ways to arrange the beds, but keep in mind that a lot remains to space from the bedroom, therefore, it is advisable only if you have a large room.

Beds perpendicular

The beds against two walls perpendicular, leaving a large open space. This takes advantage of much more space.


If the length of the wall allows it, this is another provision that you can take into account and that allows you to take advantage of the space.

Bunk beds

This is another example that has taken advantage of the use of different levels. This way ensures that each one has its space, but also adds interest to the room, certainly looks a lot more fun.

It is a common thing that the more you take the bed higher and the lower the down, as well as the best space to study to be taken by the greatest, by the simple fact that you’ll be the first to need it. This, anyway, should not be made conditional that the smaller can’t have your desktop own, even if it is to have fun painting.

The modular designs of furniture are really fantastic when to seek privacy and use of space, that’s why it is good to inquire about the possibility of customize the size of the bedroom, before you buy it.

Furniture made to measure

If you’re thinking of redecorating the bedroom you shared with your children, and are you willing to change all the furniture, it’s time you get to choose well, and that involves looking for the most comfortable and stylish options of furniture for children. The custom-made furniture are one of the best options, without a doubt, as that will allow maximum use of the space, trying, where possible, the free space is the greatest thing that can be. We will show you some of the ideas that you can find on the Way Home, a shop specialising in modern and functional furniture.

As we can see in the picture above, has made the most of an entire wall, including bed, drawers below it, a desk and a book shelf. This way the room looks very functional and free of obstructions, allowing a movement easy and comfortable. It is an ideal room for boys, in the colors of brown and beige.

Neutral colors bring a calm to the space. It is worth noting the large capacity of storage that is located under the beds.

Here we see another proposal more colorful than the previous count the contrasting colors of yellow and blue provide a lot of vibrant energy. the furniture have the same concept: make the most of the space against the walls, to make the room look as wide as possible and at the same time being comfortable and functional.

If we have little girls who want to sleep without having to share with siblings boys, you can’t afford it and you have space, there are options like the above picture, in which the colors of pink and lilac stand out from the gray background of the walls and floor. In a small space, have been placed beds, wardrobe, shelving and a desk. The truth is surprising how with a bit of ingenuity, you can achieve the bedrooms comfortable in small spaces.

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