The local restaurant Alchemy is located in the centre of Barcelonaspecifically on the main floor of a modernist building dating from 1864, unoccupied for four decades. This architectural context preexisting has served as the basis for the design of the project on the part of External Refrence Architecture, along with the culinary offer, centered on an 80% in the fish and awarded with a Michelin star.

To preserve the architecture of origin have not been carried out structural interventions, it has even kept the old patina of the walls.

restaurant alchemy hall 1

Adria Goula and Carmelo Zappulla

The restaurant has been conceived as a set continuous encourages sensory experience perfect, presented from different skins inspired by marine life, art installations and custom furniture. As the central axis of the local there is a hallway that simulates the spine of a fish represented with thorns and wood that connects different spaces.

restaurant alchemy walls 2

Adria Goula and Carmelo Zappulla

The dining experience Alchemy it’s like standing in the middle of a shoal of fish, frozen in time. This is achieved thanks to the panes of three-dimensional plywood lining the walls showing the silhouette of the fish. On the pavement, it creates a similar effect whose piercing offers a vision of the original soil.

restaurant alchemy chair

Adria Goula and Carmelo Zappulla

The chair Aura it is an example of the dialogue between the digital manufacturing and local crafts. Obtained through a process of hybrid production, the structure is made of solid aluminium worked in a local casting and had no cracks and the result is organic, we resorted to the 3D printing. The table game, it shows an oak base mounted on legs of cast aluminum.

restaurant alchemy bathrooms

Adria Goula and Carmelo Zappulla

Access to the bathroom is to be impressed by a surface mirrors in the form of fish scales that breaks up the reflection of the person, at the same time creating a dynamic and multi-faceted. In regard to the washbasin, is inspired by the tanks of traditional cod, and is shown wrapped in a marble surface ground.

restaurant alchemy hall 5

Adria Goula and Carmelo Zappulla

In another space, the gallery, And following the pattern of the window frame, have faced the shelves steel coated leather adhering to the columns to optimize the space. At the top, suspended in a dense structure of steel, the wine bottles are a place of refuge, like the fish that protect an anemone.

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