The decoration of the classrooms is usually one of the ones we are concerned, as being a meeting place, we wish especially that it looks beautiful and comfortable. This is why today we wanted to present to you some photos a few examples in decoration of rooms orange, which becomes one of the most effective ways to inject energy and dynamism to the spaces.

Salons in Orange

Salons in orange burnt

Some of the shades of orange that are more fashionable at present, they are slightly burned, as are the terracotta, apricot, or pumpkin. The colours are quite easy to combine with others. They look very well accompanied, white, gray, or brown.

The orange hue burnt into the walls creates an environment strong in this room modern and elegant.

These shades are perfect to give color to a modern room, but you adapt to perfection in environments with rustic style.

It can also be used in only one or two items, such as tables or sideboards.

To adopt it in theaters, you can be the best way to impress positively to family and visitors, because it is a color that conveys a lot of optimism and warmth. Visitation will be able to feel comfortable as at home in these spaces.



Intense orange

But you can also bet on tones, more daring, such as the orange or pure tones of tangerine, carrot, or coral.


These tones are spectacular to be applied in some details such as chairs, cushions or carpets.

And if you want to risk more, you can also apply it on the walls.

The color of a room can affect mood, therefore, the choice of colors that make up is of vital importance, and should not be taken lightly. The orange reflects energy, it is very cozy and vibrant and helps to create a larger interior and visually positive.

Touches of orange

To be a color with a lot of force to offer, will not go unnoticed by the more discrete you are the elements that carry this color. Do not go for a total décor in orange to steal all the stares, because the implementation of cushions, carpets, or works of art in that color can do the job alone.

But if you prefer a decoration more daring, can perfectly play with this color on walls, floors and even furniture, as well as be able to seamlessly combine the orange with hues of yellow and red.

Orange on the walls or floors

For most fans of this color, of course, can also be applied on large surfaces. The only rule to keep in mind in these cases, is to combine it with light colors like white or pastels, in order not to overload the space of too much color, which would be overwhelming.

You can use wallpaper in orange, with prints, or curtains, carpets and rugs.

Or you can choose to paint only one wall of the room in this color and the other in white.

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