The rustic style in decor is becoming more and more popular, because it has a particular charm and a great ability to create a warm and welcoming environment. The lounges, modern and rustic they are perfect for those who like natural materials, things hand-made and hand-crafted.

Rooms rustic

In addition, they are also perfect when looking for a romantic decoration and personal. So, far from what one might think, this style is characterized by being one of the most welcoming and warm, ideal to take in the rooms, as well as in each of the rooms of your home. And, as if off, for several years now, this style has established as one of the great trends in decoration.

Furniture in living rooms rustic charm

When decorating this kind of thing, we must not forget that the furniture and decorative accessories should provide a lot of texture and that they should have interesting details. If not, it will only achieve a room’s boring and unfunny.

Wood furniture is key in a room, rustic, like old furniture, painted with a weathered look and vintage.


Within the most used materials are iron, worn wood, mud and stone, which gives the space a rough texture, which usually is smoothed by means of elements warm as are the prints flowery curtains, cushions and upholstery, as well as by means of pastel colours, warm rugs, and elements of modern style. Nowadays, it is common to see how the rustic style combines with elements distinctly modern.

Style is especially recommended for those who enjoy things made by hand, from natural materials and the use of recycled elements; since these three features are representative of a rustic style.


The warm colors are the ones that usually predominate in a rustic decoration and earthy colours, reminiscent of the nature.

But you can also use small touches of cool colors in decorative items, such as rugs, cushions or ornaments. They are also used bright colours to add light to a room.

Details of wood

Wood elements like beams, stairs and walls, can help to achieve a rustic decor.



The wood is also used in racks or fireplaces.

With a fireplace

You can make it rustic and industrial come together. Illuminates the walls with sconces modern industrial style. Place a-seat curved, in the wicker, whilst that the floor looks beautiful patterns with wood.

You can achieve a warm and contemporary with a stone fireplace and a screen fireplace aerodynamics. Recycled materials outside and do art with them, as this chandelier rattan and a vase full of cane wicker. You can give it a modern twist with bookshelves and sofas and of a color. The cushions, prints and embellishments in metal complete this fabulous style.

Paint the walls of the fireplace in dark grey, complete with armchairs upholstered in gray with a touch of beige.

Lighting and accessories

Don’t forget to use lamps in this style, for example, wicker or iron, and also descartes, tapestries, ethnic, or cushions and rugs produced in natural fibers.

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