The brown it is one of the best colors in interior decoration, and displays it is always listed as one of the most efficient in the hour of need a secondary color, choose a color for floor, furniture or accessories. This is due to the extensive use that has been given to the wood in the story, and all of their variants of hues, ranging from colors cream black and red. Let’s see how you can apply when you want to be the center of the room, such as in the case of the halls brown.

Rooms Brown

Walls of the living room in brown color

Paint a wall of brown will not repent to anyone or much less, if it is combined with another nearby wall in a shade of cream, white, or even variants of burgundy. It is not necessary to clarify that the walls, ceilings and wood floors, generated environments warmer that you can achieve in a home.

A fantastic idea is to work an entire room in color, land, furniture, and wall in dark brown, ceiling in a cream and then, both in the cushions, as in paintings, bet on the shades of beige, orange, green, brown and black.

Salons in Brown

An interesting detail, is seen as in the west, we all love the decor in brown, especially in wood. However, in Feng Shui, this color is associated with old age and the depression. This eastern philosophy ever encourage the use of brown, and in case necessary, only through wood and shades of the most vibrant possible.

It is difficult to say about the colors that go best with brown, as they all are very good. The gold is fantastic, but always, before an election, we are left with the own shades of the same and beige.


Lounges with accessories brown

The color brown is associated with the security of the person, serves to highlight other things, like you can be a painting, through a framework, or simply be decorative part of the roof, such as wooden beams, between a white roof.


Combine brown with other colors

The brown tones and neutral can be the perfect backdrop for any style of living room. You can combine this color naturally rich with white, gray, or beige, and can give you notes of color using accessories of bright colors. It is also very important to the lighting, to the brown color does not look bleak.

In a living room where the neutrals are the key, a bold color can highlight the unusual shapes of the ornaments. For example, the cream colored, soft brown and white create a thoroughly enjoyable that highlights the details in bluish-green.

Here, upholstery, lamps and accessories in neutral form the base of the room. This approach prevents the space from feeling too closed. The colors cream are a nice contrast to the chocolate brown. The scheme neutral looks cool with some hints of color, for example, tones of red and orange boxes. Shades of chocolate decorate other pieces in the room to provide unity and interest.

With security, when you think of brown and gray, what comes to the mind is boring. However, the colours are used well, can create a very elegant atmosphere and relaxed, perfect for relaxing moments or a gathering with family and friends.

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