At this point, we can all agree that a good restaurant is not just a place where “good eats”. It is clear that today we have become the act of eating away from home in all a multi-sensory experience, in which the design has gone on to be just as important as the cuisine. So it is: from the design of the dishes, until the finish of the place, everything has its function to the time of transporting us on a new culinary journey.

In this context, many interior designers agree that in a restaurant is not only reflected the personality of a kitchen with colors and materials, but also is accomplished thanks to the distribution of the room, decorative elements, furniture, colors, etc, Without a doubt, those well-versed in the area interior designer do not hesitate to note that the design of a restaurant is one of the disciplines in which the balance between functionality and aesthetics gains greater importance.

The restaurant Set is one that lives up to this maximum, a place in which design and decor care to the smallest detail, recreating a journey in time that transports us to the more classic timeless Hollywood Casablanca and How beautiful it is to live!

Flavors of Hollywood

Creating new flavors

Hidden in the cultural heart of Madrid and surrounded by major museums such as the Prado Museum and the Thyssen-Bornemisza collection, a Set has managed to create new flavors and stories in the star, it’s you. A perfect setting in which to share lying talks about movies, scenes and drawings unforgettable, between decors that invite diners to create their own story.

With a heated terrace which offers spectacular views more than inspiring, the restaurant offers a meeting point foodie in which to share unforgettable moments next to a good cocktail, while you enjoy the new textures that we proposed to elaborate menu, whose pillars are quality, and the prioritisation of the product of proximity.

A comfortable and refined

To achieve that Stage to become a scenario that makes you feel like the protagonist of your own story, the interior designers have created a unique atmosphere based on the elegance and strength of the aesthetic of the classic film. In it, each decorative element is part of a scenario in which the dim light of the spotlights, and a superb colour range we moved full-time to one of those black and white movies, starring Marlon Brando or Sidney Poitier.

The taste of cinema

Black, gold and white are mixed together with a careful selection of materials such as the marble, wood, metal, or the capitone, giving rise to a space comfortable and refined, where the decorative details come together to give life to the look of genuine local. In him, settings, and characters in the history of cinema permeate the walls of a place in which every corner is designed for anyone who makes inroads into the local feel at home and can enjoy to the maximum of a dining experience like no other.

Tables and tall stoolstwo small areas reserved for groups, a bar that’s perfectly suited to be able to enjoy a good appetizer and two spacious terraces, with covered area and discovered, that allow you to make the most of the place at any time of the year.

A restaurant is small and cute, with a certain air, you could say, epicure, and you are looking to become a benchmark of quality and personalized attention for all those lovers of the seventh art. A scenario in which the diner is the star, and all around is specially prepared to live, feel, and savour the experience with all its intensity.

A space designed for comfort

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