These past few months the hotels have experienced a scenario unheard of. The social distance and the continuing restraints on national and international have pushed the hotels to fit in record time with this new reality that has been established in our lives. The travel trends have changed to promote different habits that we knew so far, modifying as well, the type of rooms that the clients perform at the hotels.

So, not only has highlighted the need to improve the health security of the facilities, but has tried to evolve to meet other needs related to the new uses of the spaces and to the services and facilities available to the guest when you visit a hotel accommodation.

In this new reality, and in order to address these new challenges, the hotel chain Eurostars Hotel Company has been encouraged to challenge their customers through the innovation platform Eurostars Hotel Tester to rethink the various spaces with design solutions that are both functional and comfortable. To do this, he has based this transformation of the interior of their hotels on four pillars.

Creating safe environments

Currently, to ensure the hotels as accommodation insurance is the first necessity that they must cover. Focusing on this premise, Eurostars has implemented the relevant protocols, but has not wanted to stay there. To promote this security has decided to renovate the furnishing by one more minimalisticreducing the elements to its lowest exponent.

The materials at surfaces and textiles have also been renewed in search of a better cleaning and disinfection that promotes the healthiness of the stays. For this reason also, it has implemented a design flows, especially in the areas of access and elevators. Spaces have been created more spacious and open plan to facilitate the movement and access in the areas of step to avoid crowding or excessive contact between guests.

Technology and digitization

To carry out all of these improvements has been confident in the technology with the main objectives of minimize close contacts, to facilitate transactions with the arrival of the customers and increase the comfort of these in his room. Thus, the technological solutions are not just concentrating on the lobby to streamline the entry of the client in the hotel, but they are implanted also in rooms: devices of the light, opening curtains, the shower, and other functionality.

In addition, the communication with the client evolves to unknown levels up to the moment with the presence of digital screens for communication with the client, or the use of mobile applications that avoid the direct contact between people or surfaces. To this end, we have automated doors and access management, payment via mobile devices or platforms of information on QR codes as the cards and menus, digital or directories of services to check online.

Meeting Facilities Eurostars Malaga

Meeting room Eurostars Malaga

Multifunctionality in the spaces

It has been sought to the design of spaces multipurpose and versatile offering flexible solutions for the distribution and the design of furniture. Elements modular and configurable to facilitate the use of the facilities and that make it possible for the same space can be used for different purposes, adapting to the needs, especially those in areas intended for working, relaxing or socializing.

So the hotels stop being a place to sleep to become a place where you can spend time, safe and secure. Many activities are carried out in the same facilities without the need to go out to the street. Gain weight as well, the café or the restaurant, becoming a part of the experience that hotels offer.

The reasons of the visit have been changed and many customers choose to combine work and leisure during their stay, prolonging the weekend, or extending your vacation. The new labour flexibility, opens up new possibilities to the hotel world, becoming an alternative residence, which has a direct impact on the services and facilities that they are willing to offer.

Care has been taken in for full details the rooms, which have gained prominence. They thus become the main stage of the visit of the guests, hosting various activities and routines: exercise physique, telework, leisure… The guest does not only need a desk, but that demand facilities to work from your bed, the centerpiece of the room. For this purpose it is necessary to provide auxiliary furniture that can adapt to different situations and is enhanced by the presence of connectors and sources current.

In addition, Eurostars binds to the concept coliving adapting the hotels groups to bubble and favoring teams of coexistence, so the rooms appear connected with small areas of collective use are restricted to a limited group of guests.

Natural light and plant elements

In the search for an offer closer to the host, where you can prime the comfort and well-being, are increasingly the hotels that care about details such as light or the presence of nature. Looking for a increased natural ventilation advocates for the use of the outdoor facilities with the intention of gaining new spaces for the use of guests. These, in turn, have provided bastos elements vegetables and vegetable gardens that bring nature to the visitors, as well as more glass walls that provide the natural lighting from the outside and give us that sense of being outdoors.

Interior balcony Eurostars Madrid Tower

Terrace Eurostars Madrid Tower

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