To decorate our home it is not necessary to invest a lot of money. With a little imagination and creativity, you can recycle those things that actually don’t use and make them into a decorative piece and functional for our home. Today, we show you several ideas very easy to decorate both gardens as interiors, with recycled tires. Then, you’ll see several ideas.

Recycled tires

Seats or tables with tires

The possibilities are many, really the limit is your creativity and imagination. You can cover with rope, jute, or paint them bold colors. You can make the seat with wood or do a lattice of ropes.



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Wheelchair tires

This durable material can also be recycled and used to make chairs or armchairs, which are perfect for use in the open air, to be resistant to the rain and the sun.



Another idea for the garden: create chairs from bicycle tires. Certainly an original idea, which generates a great accessory for any garden.

Tires for storage

This idea is very simple, you only have to paint the tire of a color that matches the decor of the environment and create a cover with wood or other material, both on the top and on the bottom. You can add casters to the bottom cap. In addition, you can stack multiple tires and create ample storage to save multiple objects, for example, all the toys of a child.

Planters for the garden:

Create pots with tires is an original idea, lovely for outdoor. You can paint it any color you want, and also give you a design cheerful.



You can also use it as a planter hanging. This is a perfect idea to decorate our garden or patio, especially when we want to save space, either for convenience or because of a small garden. The only thing you need is a string to hang the tire and use the inside as a pot, putting plants and flowers.

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