A very effective way of that all the family can live together in harmony, is to have adequate spaces where everyone can develop their activities without disturbing others. In the spacious gites, a good way of giving their children a harmonious space for recreation, without disturbing your moments of rest, such as when you want to enjoy a moment of reading or tv, is to create a playroom for children. Here you will find proposals very fun for the little ones enjoy their moments of leisure in an environment very healthy and friendly.

Playroom for children

Play space under the beds

At present, there are many models of raised beds that allow you to create areas of study or play under them.



Playroom for kids in the bedroom

Those who already have a bedroom for children, they can opt to maximize the creativity of the same, through the incorporation of new elements, as it can be a large blackboard on the wall. Painting the wall with paint slate, the same becomes the best way to let fly the imagination and allow them to develop even more creativity.


You can use a wall or corner of the bedroom, to put together a playground, where everything is neatly ordered shelves and storage boxes.


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Take advantage of an unused space

If your home has storage space or rooms that are not being used in its full potential, can take into account its transformation into a play area. In these areas you can implement cheerful colors, fun pictures on the wall, original furniture and recreate them in a dream world and fantasy, to that small spark your curiosity so natural and healthy.



To combine education and play

You can enable a space that has the furniture and accessories needed for both tasks, it is enough to know delimit areas of day for each function so that the place be optimal. Tables for the children who have their PC and organized space for school work and activities, you may later be used for table games and craft projects.

Share the space

If you live in a small house or an apartment, and find ways to share the space with the little ones, and make it fun, you can be the best way to achieve harmonious family life. Opt for neutral tones and make use of decor to add color and creativity to the piece. A palette of neutral tones in brown chocolate mixed with shades of blue and green can be the ideal combination for kids and adults are happy with the environment.


You can maintain the harmony between all members of the family. Given that children do not play 24 hours a day, it is real that it can be used at other times by the bigger ones for their activities. This will help you to maximize the functionality of your home, thanks to the creation of the game rooms are multifunctional, and in order to enjoy the harmony of home.

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