Every time we get closer to Christmas. Red and green hues cover the home with the charm of these dates as indicated, and the proposals of decoration not cease to grow and amaze us. Today, we want to make a special mention to the new line of business of interior designer Pia Capdevila: the decoration of the tables under a stylist’s own and exclusive.

A project that comes taking advantage of the range holiday to show us how to decorate the table during these dates. What does this new proposal Capdevila? It is packs full looking to create a style different from the traditional tables to which we are accustomed. So, if there is something that stand out the centerpieces, tableware, or use of plant matter is by the way in which the interior of the place. Here, the order itself that alters the result.

In fact, this service is more of a passion for Capdevila, you can deploy and customize in any celebration throughout the year, also in catering establishments, and even incorporate it into the ephemeral montages of the brand. That is to say, a bet that, as we will see, we are shown the best side of the christmas decorations, but which goes far beyond these dates charismatic and home.

How to create these tables as sophisticated? The idea first focuses on the environment of the tables, where every detail counts. Therefore, the interior designer, offers packs very full and wide, which include crockery, cutlery, glassware, table linens and decorative accessories various, such as candles, greenery, figurines, etc, without forgetting the chairs.

For this holiday season that we have different and strange decoration of tables can bring a plus of positivism charming backwaters spaces and adding warmth

“The christmas celebrations this 2020 we have different, very strange, and that’s why we want to launch this service right now, to bring that extra positivism charming backwaters of a very special form one of the protagonists of any celebration: the tables,” says Pia Capdevila.

In these holidays, the proposals for the decoration of the tables have a name and surname. And is that, in the case of Pia Capdevila, each one of her designs exudes its own atmosphere.

For example Alice in Wonderland combines the always elegant black and white with gold christmas in a mix of textures, porcelain and highlighted with very sophisticated. The table Blue Nights incorporates the blue in this table festive with a surprising result of luxurious elegance with a touch of the baroque to fall in love with the most daring.

Another original bet Pia Capdevila is the table Fantasy Pink Christmasstarring the tone pastel pink so fashionable that, together with the copper and old gold, the feathers, and the chandeliers offers an atmosphere of feminine lines arabesque full of magic.

On the other hand, the exaggerated ornamentation golden created intentionally to another table justifies its name: Golden Hourthanks to the light so special that follows on the traditional green tablecloth velvety.

tables pia capdevila

And, finally, the table Classic Noel Xmas had to include the color red, but in the form of renewed classic, where there is no lack of the dry vegetation, the balls and the reindeer, looking for an original, stylish and eye-catching.

But beyond the Christmas holiday, this new service from the interior designer adapts to any situation and demand of the client. This is a valid service to any celebration that you want to show off a table very special. In these cases, the decorative line, and the details of the components that will suit the style that is required for each occasion: sailor, if the table is in the porch of a summer cottage; line-very romantic if this is a wedding request, etc-The possibilities are endless!

And finally, the bet is not only on the ground staff of the house, because that, this new line of business also reach the professional field, in this case, the restoration. Pia Capdevila puts the scope of establishments such as hotels and restaurants, catering companies, etc your service decoration of tables for any type of event, whether family, social or professional, responsible also of the whole process.

We leave you now with the decoration of the tables christmas, for the first time, Pia Capdevila has decided to integrate in a design exclusive and differentiating. Ideal for Christmas that requires light and a lot of charisma.

The green English more traditional


The green English more traditional

In the table ‘Golden Hour‘, we find the green English more traditional of these parties as the background in the form of table linen, velvet gives depth to the scene and, at the same time, it allows you to highlight with an air of greatness shine gold in the rest of the set. The result is this light so special that follows the table and that does not leave indifferent any guest.

Flowers and decorative details with crystals ochre


Flowers and decorative details with crystals ochre

Also on the table ‘Golden Hour‘, Pia Capdevila has sought the exaggeration of gold applied to the flowers, and decorative accents combining them with crystals ochre base more rustic and traditional white tableware.

Red par excellence


Red par excellence

In the table ‘Classic Noel Xmas’, red for excellence is presented as a classic renovated perfectly matches the tones of stone of the linens. This neutral base gives wings also to the wreath central of vegetation typically christmas, in which there is no lack of decorative balls and reindeer, all in red color.

Details that are looking for that original point


Details that are looking for that original point

Like the napkins and glasses, in this table, we look at details that are looking for that original, stylish and eye-catching that makes a difference within the parameters of the more traditional.

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