Lovers of hípster, urban and kitsch are out of luck. Ibiza is not just that paradise hound of photos white coves and restaurants. Now, the design more eye-catching and commercial takes the island via two hotels, designed respectively by the studio Ilmiodesign: the Hotel Paradiso and the Hotel Cubanito. Do not include any space at the service of a margarita or a vermouth. Are accommodations dreamy, inspiring, created to make a difference in the world of design.

So much so, that due to its emblematic character, both hotels have been selected to become the filming of the hilarious documentary directed by Javier Polo The Mystery of The Pink Flamingo. The director has recorded a part of the scenes in these accommodations for which the protagonist walks in trying to answer the question: is there anything more kitsch than a pink flamingo?

And what better place to ask this question in the facilities pastel pink of the Paradiso Ibiza Art Hotel. A place to reflect squarely on the authenticity of this aesthetic. How has come to kitsch to us? This artistic style is considered corny, child, emanating from the back of the market or, rather, is the incarnation of the market itself. Therefore, it is not surprising that the flamenco, an icon of popular culture and modern reference kitsch par excellence, take the facilities of this hotel. A space which through its architecture and use of color fits in perfectly with the style that seeks to convey in the film.

About Hotel Paradiso Ibiza

Succumb, from the first moment, pastel colors and pink flamingo that crown many of the corners of the Hotel Paradiso. It is impossible to escape from their hues eye-catching. It is said that it is one of the hotels ‘instagrameables’ of Spain. It has everything to succeed, starting with that pop aesthetic that both attracts, in which the tones are pure, fine, penalties are no faults in a style that is inclusive, that yes, it is super ‘instagrameable’.

In fact, fans of the Miami beach and convertibles, can find their place in the facilities this hotel inspired by the Miami most from the seventies. The hotel is located on the main avenue of the bay of San Antonio, is inspired by the iconic buildings that were made of Ocean Drive, that is to say, those that have triumphed palm trees, the neon signs and the color mauve.

IlMioDesign takes as its starting point and inspiration to the group of Italian architects who formed the study Archizoom in the 70 to design this hotel scoundrel, cool, eye-catching and, without a doubt, this is an ode to the fun and daring

Hotel Cubanito Ibiza

Miami to Havana. Now we move to the Hotel Cubanito that queen by her caribbean atmosphere from the bay of San Antonio (Ibiza). This hotel-inspired cuban is an interior design project 360 degrees, full of color and positive energy that has an interesting blend between the art deco Miami style habanero. Their designers to define it as a space hípster, and daring to mix the mambo with views of the bay from the roof top of the hotel.

No one escapes the power of this accommodation close to Cala Gració, an area famous among tourists and locals for its calm turquoise waters and stunning sunset.

We leave you now with a gallery of images complete with which you can appreciate the spirit of Miami on the one hand, while you let yourself be seduced by the movement and dynamism of Havana. So are the Hotel Paradiso, and the Hotel Cubanito. Spaces to enjoy the holiday and appreciate the good taste that the team Ilmiodesign has passed in each corner.

The striking façade of the Hotel Paradiso


The striking façade of the Hotel Paradiso

The pastel colors, the pink flamingo and the neon lights are some of the features of this hotel that, since its façade, follows the character extrovert and dynamic.

Original bedrooms and full of color


Original bedrooms and full of color

The furniture of the 60 rooms do not lose detail. Made with a design that fits with the harmony of the rest of the architecture, color, illusion, extravagance, original pieces that accompany each one of the bedrooms.

In this picture we have the Project Zero Suite. Located in the centre of the hotel and found a room with glass, completely visible. A suite consists of a bed, a table, chairs and a bathroom with shower. What’s more amazing? Stay for a night is free. It is only necessary to sign a contract of assignment of image rights.

The pool at the Paradiso: made for fun


The pool at the Paradiso: made for fun

The Pool Area is the strong point of this hotel. It has two swimming pools of color rosa palo, large double beds and a central bar-shaped booth keeper of the beach and, as, a zone for playing music and enjoy a bath.

Main access to the Hotel Cubanito


Main access to the Hotel Cubanito

The colors of green, the tiles of the orange and palm trees can not miss in the main access of this accommodation that mimics the same Havana in each of its corners.

Double rooms designed to detail


Double rooms designed to detail

In the Cubanito, each room pays tribute to musicians, actors, and cuban artists from a multitude of disciplines, remarcándose and the cultural contribution of Cuba to the world. Return distinct elements of the group as the refrigerators, Smeg, speakers, Marshall and bars inside of the room to start the night.

A design inspired in the heart of Havana


A design inspired in the heart of Havana

Something that is not lacking on the terrace of this hotel is the music and the party. A space, with views of the sea, which breathes music. Variety, quality and originality are key pieces in each of the events that are organised within the Cubanito.

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