Feel the Pacific from the capital madrid is already possible from Papua Columbus. A new store that opened its doors bringing together the best product, taste, and technique through décor that invites to travel, to dream, and that, of course, will not leave anyone indifferent.

A space is situated in the mythical Plaza de Colón in Madrid, next to the Teatro Fernán Gómez, called to become a must-see destination, the it to the place of the capital. Its perfect location, which combines the streets as recognized as the Paseo de la Castellana, Goya or Jorge Juan, Papua Columbus, is just one more card that plays to your favor. As is also its commitment to a cuisine based on tradition, taste, and above all fun. You need only look at the amount of colors and objects that surround the space to check it out.

The restaurant has a dimension of approximately six hundred square feet and a seating capacity of two hundred guests, in addition to a reserved, for twelve persons, with private access. That is to say, more than enough space for a dinner with family and friends when the restrictions caused by the coronavirus will allow us to go back to the large meetings.

Papua Columbus based its cuisine on the product and the traditional taste by offering it to a cosmopolitan and contemporary.

You might be wondering, what about the gastronomy? What is at the same height as the decor of the room? The answer is Andrew Brownwho is at the helm of the kitchen. After being the right-hand side the last few years (since 2016) of Aurelio Morales, chef Michelin star restaurant BAIT located in the hotel Urban, the cook bet Papua to show all your knowledge and boost the restaurant as one of the referents of the chef’s most important in Madrid.

With a varied menu for all public, offers dishes that are so characteristic but so tempting to whet as a bite of a Caesar Salad in rolls with “air Parmesan” and lima. Also of note, among the chief of the extensive menu, the Ravioli of langoustines as did Joel Robuchon with ingredients such as Bouillabaisse, armagnac or black truffle.

The last flavour of the sweet, that in this restaurant doesn’t disappoint either. Those with a sweet tooth will enjoy the cakes well varied with flavors like cheese or chocolate.

What a drink before you go? Don’t miss out the cocktail bar Papua Columbusa letter that proposes more than a score of cocktails inspired by travel around the world, from Indonesia to the Caribbean and to be served in a central bar circular that will give much to talk about.

A local cosmopolitan and dynamic

But where does the inspiration to create this restaurant is a dynamic and fun, it is also very cosmopolitan? The front of this project are Jorge Rivero Meadows and Noel Duque Martinez. Entrepreneurs of Alcalá de Henares and passionate about food, have traveled over the years to know the culture and products of countries around the world including european capitals such as Paris, London, Rome or Venice and countries such as Brazil, Thailand, China, Uganda, or Rwanda.

“We are passionate about gastronomy. From very early on, we spent our savings on to eat at all kinds of restaurants with a Michelin star or not, traveling many countries trying native foods from the united States to Tanzania. We enjoy watching people eating and having fun, a real pleasure,” explain the two partners.

But if there is something that stands out in this space, in addition to the cuisine, it’s by design and architecture, to which we have already gone pointing. A local marked by a aesthetic very peculiar and striking with colors and floral motifs that flood every corner. Now you just have to go and try it. Do you give your approval to which it is intended to be the new gastronomic reference in the Spanish capital?

Papua Columbus the restaurant dreamed of


Papua Columbus the restaurant dreamed of

Papua Columbus brings together all the aspects of the restaurant dreamed of: the best gastronomy, a unique location and a decor that will not leave anyone indifferent with its floral motifs and exotic colours.

The floral motifs decorate the space


The floral motifs decorate the space

A place that will not go unnoticed, nor for its food, much less for its decoration, this being one of the differentiators of the restaurant. The space features an architecture and design is very unusual and ground-breaking. Plants, floral motifs, exotic animals are some of the decorative elements in line with the format and the cuisine that projected Papua Columbus.

The jungle under your feet


The jungle under your feet

Responsible for the architecture that we see is Adolfo Monserrat, a young architect who was captivated from the first moment by the project. Its objectives with Papua spent by providing a different level to the space. In addition to adding a key concept, the idea of Papua to the Plaza Colón in Madrid, trying to make the customers feel that the jungle is under his feet. “Welcome to Papua”, read lyrics of neon.

Extensive menu of main dishes


Extensive menu of main dishes

Among the chief of the extensive menu include the Ravioli of langoustines as did Joel Robuchon with ingredients such as Bouillabaisse, armagnac or black truffle; Rice bulb to the “beurre blanc” with white asparagus and green emulsion and juice ave roast or Steack tartare “Jules Verne” old cow galician blond with aromas of shoots. Delicious and healthy. Would you like to try it?

Delicious desserts


Delicious desserts

As could not be otherwise, for the sweet tooth excels cake payoyo cheese baked with violet of Madrid or the chocolate tart of brisée filled ice cream, peta zetas and brownie and finished in front of the client.

More than a dozen cocktails


More than a dozen cocktails

What’s a cocktail party to end? The letter proposes more than a score of cocktails inspired by travel around the world, from Indonesia to the Caribbean. All of them will be served on a central bar circular that will give much to talk about.

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