With a little bit of money and a lot of creativity, you can transform a space boring into something magical. Here are some ideas very cheap and easy to make for decorating with frames for a bedroom for children.

Paintings for bedroom for kids, bedroom, pink and light blue with small squares of colours

Create mini art galleries

Ornate walls with a mini gallery of art is one of the trends in decoration, and you don’t need a fortune to achieve it. Recycling old frames, paint them bright colors, and placing sheets printed on your own printer, you can achieve something like what you see in the pictures below.

Frames colors for wall child bedroom child

Vinyls that mimic frames

In the market there are this kind of self-adhesives that simulate frames, where you can put the paintings made by the children or what you can think of.

Vinyl wall stickers in the shape of a frame

Wall decals of trees and branches with pictures

You can also use vinyl with the form of trees, and hang small pictures of the branches.

Vinyl for the wall in the form of a tree, with boxes in the branches

Vinyl wall with the form of a branch and owls, with pictures hanging

Be creative with the paint underneath of the box

Instead of painting the wall behind the picture of a single color, why not be creative? Horizontal stripes or vertical can add a very interesting touch.

wall stripes, shelf and box child

To print slides at home

Sometimes the best things in life are free, or almost free. You can make your own impressions on your personal computer with amusing quotes in interesting color. This way you can achieve a highly personal decoration, and fun.

prints framed and lyrics in bedroom baby

Use fabric

Another great way of decorating is to use small pieces of fabric that we have left over from other crafts, and with these bits and pieces, creating a sort of collage. Here we have used racks of embroidered to combine different colors and patterns.

racks of embroidery as picture frames

Silhouettes of cartoons

The Disney princesses are protagonists of a few boxes that are easily made, but that look elegant and original. Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, and Peter Pan in pink on a white background is a great way to decorate a wall.

Pictures with silhouettes of Disney

You’ll make a bit of colored paper to decorate, and a few frames white or any color you want, basically that they are of the same color in different sizes and shapes, some vertical and others horizontal, square or round, it is the most attractive. You are looking for figures of princesses or if you prefer other reasons, but always within the same subject. And print them on colored paper for cutting up to leave them as you see them, just the silhouette, and put them in frames.

More creative ideas in this photo gallery of paintings for a bedroom for children. Click the images to enlarge them.

Decorate walls with children’s art

Decorate the walls with children’s art, it can be a very good way to add style to the walls, to the time that you find a place where to show off those drawings and paintings which their children with so much love. This may be a very effective way to maximize and strengthen the bonds in your family, at the same time adds a touch colorful and bold to the rooms of your home.

Children's bedroom with pictures

The ways to implement the works of children’s arts in your walls are only limited by your imagination, as the combinations in which they may appear are truly endless. Those who enjoy a more formal style in your home can be incorporated through the addition of frameworks that integrate the colors of the works of arts or of your furniture.

Keep in mind that in addition to being a very beautiful, your children will feel very supported and it will drive even more to let your imagination run wild. Below I leave you some pictures that might serve as an inspiration.

Clothespins on the wall, with drawings of children

Billboards to place child's drawings

Leaf wall drawn by children

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