The past month of October, the restaurant Orea opened its doors to the public in the center of Barcelona under the slogan is clear: let us travel the world through our palate. Hence it is precisely his name, the “aura” of exoticism that bring each one of the plates of your letter, in a space refreshing and relaxed atmosphere, which envelops us with its subtle aromas of distant places.

The project, born in the form of a gift to the City Condal in the Maya Shinde and Marc Bernat, the owners of the restaurant, found love, has wanted to put the magic mimesis between cultures and the passion for the cuisine of both. Shabu shabu white fish with vegetables and prawns, green curry with marine plankton, kimchi and quinoa suflada… These are some of the tantalising dishes that can be found in its menu, all prepared with top quality products, and with the objective of providing its guests the maximum expression of the taste to make you enjoy to the diner.

Restaurant Orea1

A reform to break the monotony

Originally, the local Maya and Marc chose to install Orea had look especially long and narrowa sense that looked potentiated by the overlap of decorative elements and coatings accumulated by the passage of time and by the own perspective of the local.

On the basis of this raw material, the main challenge of Wit Labthe study by the interior design project was to get you to break that monotony space through the creation of a sequence of four different spaces that could generate different experiences, in line with the different culinary services offered.

In the final composition, he joined a wooden pergola from which dangle a green facility able to combine the colors and smells typical of the coast of the Mediterranean. In turn, the pavement of the entrance was lined with panots (those typical tiles that line the streets of Barcelona) creating a feeling of continuity between the street and the space that you can access the restaurant.

The restaurant's Interior Orea

In search of a fresh exotic and radiant

Once you cross the entrance door, leads to the main room, consisting by a bottom-most element of wood in the shape of a Uand that is the bank secured to the side walls, and by a “crown” was created with stucco and red lamps natural rattan in different ways, and winding to give the restaurant an attractive freshness exotic and radiant.

Finally, in the central area of the restaurant is placed on the unifying element of all the spaces: the bar area. In it, a few finishes most hardened contrast with the warm atmosphere of the dining room. In turn, the bar and the area where is stored the bottles, located in the center of it, acquire a tone sculptural crucial to break this perspective, narrow initial, increasing fluency, and bypass to the space.

An unusual place

The restaurant is the result of a full year of work giving way to every detail, something that can be perceived not only in the quality of its gastronomic concept, but in the care interior. The beautiful garden area in your input as we anticipate that we move in an unusual place. We can sit in this space enveloped in the aromas of rosemary, thyme and mint, or in the indoor dining room. In him we receive a dynamic spacethanks to its distribution, which highlights a central bar, in an atmosphere of laid back luxury of mediterranean-inspired, with a predominance of noble materials such as wood and terrazzo. Do you dare to find out?

Cheese cake of the restaurant Orea

Special discount

If you want to try this this fabulous local, you can now enjoy a 10% discount in your booking with the code that we have provided from the restaurant to the readers of Objective well-being. You just have to indicate the code OREABCN when you make your reservation. ¡Buen provecho!

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