A dwelling is located in a rural setting or which is a weekend house, there is no reason for your kitchen to have a piece of equipment or a design that is more austere than those of the city. In fact, the rural cuisine contemporary is primarily functional, bright and comfortable. Below, we give you 9 keys for updating your kitchen a rustic look in all its glory, without losing its essence.

In a country house, the rooms can updated with formal concepts in a more contemporary in predominant cleaning the visual, the open spaces and, above all, communication with the outside. In the current context, at the time of reform of a house in the countryside there are many options for design and equips it without disassociate completely or urban life or rural, there may be cases in which it will be necessary to be attentive to those the features of the homes rustic to adapt to them, without forcing or deface those original elements that are worth noting. We suggest a few tips to the kitchen of your house in the country is well equipped, comfortable and purchase the aesthetic is more current.

1. Don’t be shy to put in place an idea. The ideal design for a house in the country, almost never responds to a fixed rule, as the formal concepts are now very flexible. In the first place we should start by visualizing the space and checking everything that can help, or on the contrary to slow down, your initial proposal design.

Normally, in environments rustic straight lines and the spaces orthogonally perfect not abound. Therefore, sometimes it is convenient to take advantage of these irregularities to create a custom design. Tucked away, holes in the wall or the thickness of a vain stone can be used to gain more space on the countertop, recessed column of the oven or the fridge, placing shelves…


Space created by MEERO – More designs of kitchens in country house style

2. Adopts a low profile. There are cases in which an austere design, and elemental is the key to ensure that the kitchen does not clash in a rural space. You can take advantage of the signs of identity in order to determine both the layout and the materials to be used. It should be avoid, in this sense, the furniture on the counter. You can use recycled material and build the countertops in situ with cement, for example. Reduces the coating to a minimum or, better yet, unifies the dashboard with the same material as the countertop. And above all, do not recharge the environment and prepares a program of needs-adjusted and without superfluous details.

3. Communicate it to the outside. This is the big difference with the kitchens traditional rural. Today the kitchen must have natural light and views and, if possible, a direct exit to the outside, to have a place of meals close to the area of the fires. Therefore, do not cling to pre-established rules, and distributed freely. Perhaps the best location depends on an approach of open kitchen for cooking also enjoy a good orientation and views. It is best to get into the spirit of the building and design depending on what is offered to us or it’s hidden from us. What is new is displayed when we open a vain and we found the landscape; then, the interior spaces are widened and become cheerful. You like to cook with the light of the sun or take breakfast with the gaze fixed on the landscape. You’re going to have a house in the countryside, don’t you think?

The housing and the study in the center of Santiago de Compostela

Space created by Sommos Study – Discover decoration ideas for contemporary kitchens

4. That is austere does not prevent it to be functional. One thing doesn’t exclude the other. Think of an area of work in the form of island or peninsula, to return to the kitchen your sense of social and familyat the same time perfecting his operation, so that the tasks are done smoothly and with the minimum of displacement. Therefore, a distribution on the island is the most versatile solution. To can you give a use of both area of work as instead of meals, it is best to place it in a spacious environmentso you can also use it as a tool for structuring the space.

5. Perhaps you prefer not to stick to the wall. You can get it with blocks, centralized constructed of work or equipment modular island. According to the width and length that you give him, in this block, you’ll be able to hold everything you need, from the stove to the sink. The oven can be placed under the countertop, just like the refrigerator and the freezer, choosing models with pull-out drawers. So you will not cut off the continuity of sculpture that brings a masonry wall, or you’ll be able to locate them with greater freedom, for example, in front of a large window. In these cases, it is advisable to retrieve the function of the pantry, so you’ll reduce the presence of furniture.

Rehabilitation in Noutigos, Carnota

Space created by dom architecture – Inspired by designs of kitchens rustic

6. An image based on the use of opposites. This is another way of approach to their design, through opposites that balance and complement each other. Is a strategy that is more secure than imitate or reproduce formal languages archaic. The textures of the plaster to the cal, or a brick wall, with this idea of contrasts, is dulcifican and become more plastic. You can get, for example, reserving a kitchen area to finish with a plaster fine or by choosing a equipment with continuous surfaces of quartz, porcelain, or stone acrylic. You can also do it by opting for industrial materials, such as stainless steel, glass, microcement, the plywood…

Contemporain Cuisine

Space created for – More pictures of kitchens today

7. To choose the equipment, consider the sizes and shapes of the space. A stay very high, or with sloping ceilings, pillars, plants irregular… all must be taken into account and in addition to these elements are the key to find the equipment that best suits the environment. In a kitchen open to a living area look synthesis and equipment reduced to the essential. In these cases there will be more constraints aesthetic that taken into account, since that decision is a comprehensive, there are other areas of the house, such as the living and dining room.

If the kitchen is in a stay independentyou’ll have more freedom to concentrate on a style distinctly rural. In this case it is where you can best fit pieces of furniture differentinstead of a comprehensive program of equipment to use, to help you put together the kitchen as you are interested in: positioned beneath the window, the sink, steel kitchen on another wall, accompanied by a powerful extractor hood, space for storage, recycled furniture, work benches…

Alemanys 5

Space created by Anna Noguera – More ideas for kitchen rustic

8. Find the pattern that link with the style of the house, the environment and your needs. A wooden ceiling, a plaster pigmented, a stone wall or a pavement of clay are perfectly compatible with a modern kitchen. In this sense, aesthetic black or white never fails and it will help you, in addition, to soothe the visual.

On the other hand, a material undisputed success of this space is the wood. Opt for a finish with a contemporary cut-based paints, glazes and bleached.

The Sebastian Cox Kitchen at Cotes Mill by deVOL

Space was created by deVOL Kitchens – inspiration for kitchen rustic

9. Do it yourself. A rustic cooking is open to the mixtures and also to the self. Used wood that you have left over from the reformation, recycled stone, sinks, and faucets antique wire chicken coop, plates, etc Creates a harmonic composition, and fun, ideal for carrying in a house of weekend. In contrast, you can combine these elements with appliances of last generation.

The diy is an idea that serves to interior very elementary, but also for a house of field you want to display a profile more homemade and sustainable. The furniture project is the solution more frequent in which a structure of brick or revoked serves to support a countertop. You can build in situwith a slab finished off with cement burnished, tiled or lined with a sheet of zinc. Or it can serve as a support to a marble countertop recycled, or to some boards of wood.

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