Warmth, style and isolation. These are the three great virtues that we offer wood floorsa natural material and, deservedly, has become the undisputed king of the majority of the houses. We see him reigning in new construction, but also in a very significant reforms loaded with style, that they don’t want to miss all the advantages of this option that never fails and is able to marry to perfection with virtually all decorative styles, and the majority of interior designers include in their various projects.

Over time, its use has evolved to the beat of the development of new technologies and modern trends of the market. And, if you have previously booked for certain rooms of the house such as the dining room or the rooms, now he is already able to enter in damp areas like the kitchen or bathroom, without risk of damage or swelling, and becoming a very resistant material, very warm, very soft and very quiet.

The multiple uses of the wood and the natural materials have become this is one of the big trends in interior design that has come to stay for a long time. What we saw in the major fairs such as in the last edition of Maison&Objet Paris, in many spaces of Casa Decor in Madrid, and we also see it in the spectacular showroom of Alcobendas of Discesur, a stunning space that we just visit and they can not go unnoticed for any lover of interior design with wanting to be the last.

From the more than 2,000 square meters of exhibition space offered to us in this brand leader in the distribution of ceramics, sanitary ware, wooden flooring, and furniture kitchen, we have had the opportunity to see and touch with our own hands the latest trends in decoration and interior design. And, actually, there are a wide variety of wood flooring, author, and different solutions adapted to the styles more diverse than they have also served as a film set for the recording of successful television programs.

The same soil for all the rooms of the house

The same soil for all the rooms of the house

The showroom of Alcobendas is a good example of the capability and versatility that we offer the wooden floors of quality in any interior design project: from the styles of industrial, going through options more classical or modern, this material chameleon is a fully customizable and combinable with decorations of all kinds, in addition to being suitable for all kinds of formats that can be used in different botanical species, achieving a great variety of finishes.

In Discesur, the soil will always work with varnishes environmentally friendly and high-traffic, which provides a great resistance improper for a wood that can also have other special finishes such as aged by hand, bevels, irregular, or burned with fire, that can be used to get results of high personality.

As we mentioned earlier, flooring vinyl rigid now allow its use also in bathrooms and kitchens, thanks to a special treatment, moisture-proof, and very durable, with which we can achieve an effect of great continuity and amplitude of the floors throughout the house, something that is particularly interesting in projects with few metres or small apartments on the same floor will bring a lot of consistency and compactness visual. And even, also, if we have a heating system with underfloor heating.

Wood and porcelain for an industrial style

Wood and porcelain for an industrial style

It is a combination of 10 that allows us to create bathrooms and kitchens with an industrial style impeccable. To do this, Discesur used wooden flooring combined with tiles faux cement, mixed with white shades on the bench or clean lines in the furniture that allow you to create a very modern.

Wood and marble for a classic style renovated

Wood and marble for a classic style renovated

The back to the classics, but from the more pure avant-garde, it is also possible with wood floors. Here is an example of this: the use of wood in the floor is offset by the porcelain of imitation marble in the bathroom wall, creating a noble ambience and warm.

Wood next to stone

Wood next to stone

Another combination star triumphs for a spectacular finish of style very warm and welcoming. The stone materials, both the porcelain of imitations limestone, like the stones more special blend seamlessly with woods and lacquers darker.

In short, the natural materials are back again with more force than ever promises a decade decorative inspired more than ever in the nature and in a few methods of manufacturing the most respectful and sustainable.

Area of woods Showroom in Alcobendas of Discesur

If you want to take a look at the first person to finish to convince you of everything that comes in interior design and decoration, don’t miss to visit the Showroom of Alcobendas of Discesur, in the north of Madrid. You’ll fall in love with!

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