In the heart of the coastal town of Mataró, about thirty minutes away from Barcelona, next to the town hall is located a farm of the early NINTH century who has lived a full rehabilitation and projection on the part of the study MUSER Estudi.

The building, built by three huge housing rental of high standing and a local business, has lived a reform that has given him a face a completely new and modern it was a building severely damaged and structurally damaged and poorly distributed.

Thus, the objectives of this project called ‘Project For The Riera’ and performed by MUSER Study were to equip the building of a more attractive and functionality, highlighting the traits construction of the initial structure and making the image completely differently thanks to the use of smart spaces, providing visual continuity, the further spread and entry of light and a common functionality in the joint space and in each one of the rooms.

As all of the reforms carried out by this study, this project is part of the respect towards natural materials and the spatial order, addressing each space a unique way to get the brightness and to generate atmospheres own that provoke emotions in the user.

Three houses in three plants

The total area of performance was of 582 square meters, which is divided in three floors:

The apartment on the ground floor has a bedroom suite with bathroom, two single bedrooms, a full bathroom, a living room, dining room and kitchen sharing the same space and, finally, a large terrace.

The first floor comprises of, again, with a dwelling with a bedroom suite with bathroom, two single bedrooms, a full bathroom, living room, dining room and kitchen in the same space and also a large terrace.

Finally, the housing on the second floor is composed by a large bedroom suite with bathroom, two single bedrooms, this time two full bathsanother shared space between living room, dining room and kitchen, and, finally, a large roof top terrace.

Urban elements


Urban elements

The ceramic floor with patterns modern and symmetrical of the kitchen combines beautifully with the white walls, present in all the rooms, and that, in turn, share a wall made of brick. This game of materials and tones creates an urban edge in the three houses, which is reinforced by the parquet floors in light wood, present in all stays less in the space reserved for the kitchen.

In addition, in the whole of the housing, but in particular in the area shared by the living room, dining room and kitchen enters a large amount of light thanks to the large and high windows that practically go from floor to ceiling and chairs of the stay.

Photo: Nestor Walker.

Bedroom suite


Bedroom suite

In the three homes there is a great suite reserved as the main bedroom in which we find a large double bed, its corresponding full bathroom with a glass door that connects it fully into the room and up a small balcony. Also in this bedroom highlights the great light that enters from the window, and as in the rest of the floor, dominated by urban elements combined with the wood and the walls and ceilings white.

Photo: Nestor Walker.




Finally, the space dedicated to the terrace consists of a total peace of mind achieved by the use of the simple elements that seek lightness: soil very clear, the walls are completely white and plants bring a touch of nature. In addition, on the terrace there is a large wooden table and corresponding chairs to enjoy the sun and the light of the day with a meal in the open air.

Photo: Nestor Walker.

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