Modern decor encompasses combinations of shapes, colors, and textures that blend together to create a comfortable and friendly space, in which we feel relaxed, in good spirits, and inspired. Here are some ideas to decorate  modern living rooms  .

Modern living rooms

In 2021 there will be an explosion of vibrant and vital color, so one thing is for sure: the decoration of the living rooms will not be boring at all.


Mid-century inspiration

Inspiration in mid-century furniture pieces can be seen in almost all the collections of the most renowned brands. The use of new materials, new technologies and aesthetics are inspired by designs that remain in time. This makes interior design much richer and more fun.

These new designs take as a reference to different times, taking ideas, patterns and solutions from the forties, fifties or seventies, bringing great variety and exuberance of shapes.

However, this rethinking and reincarnation of furniture design shows its unique contemporary direction: sofas expand and spread, seats are large and fluffy.

Inviting comfort and leisure, the new trend in armchairs indicates that they are large, swollen and soft. They adapt to modern life, where people come home after a busy day and want to rest and feel comfortable. The environment should be luxurious and elegant.

You can handle the contrast between old and new. For example, some rustic or vintage touches can add great aesthetic interest to the living room.


The combination between modern Scandinavian style and a certain vintage touch, can give a very beautiful luxurious feeling, especially when it is composed with a hint of gold.

The environments are made up of the predominant white color, and some neutral touches (such as gray or beige), black details and touches of striking color.

Boho chic

The boho chic style is probably one of the decorative models that has grown the most in recent years, driven by its warmth, good taste and above all, by the exoticism it transmits, giving a clear image of finesse mixed with a search for trends. more natural decorative.

The conjunction of this style with the modern one, results in a spectacular space.

Many people do not dare to make ethnic decorations, because of how expensive they can be. But in this boho style, only some ethnic or handcrafted pieces can be used, which makes it very economical.

The typical colors and textures representative of the East, Southeast Asia and Africa can be emphasized, adding just one representative decorative element.

As you can see, the result is fantastic, since the combinations of earth colors for African styles, as well as red with black and gray for oriental models, or the intense colors used by Native Americans, generate really fantastic spaces, dominated by furniture rich in textures, but loaded with a clear modern accent.


The modern living room is characterized by simplicity and minimalism. The furniture has clean lines and there are no unnecessary details or decorations.


The inspiration is based on practicality, functionality and the ability to save space, creating a well-ventilated and spacious decoration.


A modern room does not have to have many elements. Only with elegant sofas, a plasma TV and maintaining neutral colors, you will achieve a very modern space.



A baroque influence is seen in the richness of the textures. We should turn our attention to the use of rich materials such as velvet, different shiny metal surfaces and the addition of dark wood. Satin gold or brushed brass can also contribute to this type of decoration.

While the use of bronze was prominent in recent years, we are now seeing more shades of gold and brass. That places a strong emphasis on the splendor of the interior in our home.

Cement walls are an element widely used today.

Cement and wood can surprisingly merge, to recreate an elegant space and not cold at all, as is often thought.

The chocolate leather upholstery and dark gray walls create an elegant, refined and very sophisticated living room.

This luxurious living room combines the glamor of the mirror and the large windows with modern, simple furniture and a geometric patterned carpet.

Glass is a widely used material in modern interiors. Its transparency makes it very versatile and it can be easily coordinated with minimalist decorations. A glossy finish on the furniture would help make the room look elegant.

For a pleasant life and a vital interior composition we need contrast and dynamism, and the textiles we use can help to achieve this. If the walls are monochrome and colorless, vitality can be added by using upholstery, rugs, or furniture with accents of yellow, green, pink, or blue.

All the small and not so small details in the rest of the living room composition, such as art objects, wallpaper, ceramics or lamps, are made up of trendy materials: steel, marble or wood, shiny brass or satin gold. How to combine them and create a chic mix? Take a look at some of these examples.

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With regard to bookshelves, when they are located in the living room, they can cover an entire wall without being too overwhelming and at the same time offer functionality and style. In this case, the shelving installation can also be mobile, airy and elegant, and it can also serve as a room divider.

There are very versatile modular systems, which in a minimalist language, can accommodate all the pieces of entertainment.

Coffee tables, cabinets and sideboards also offer a world of originality and versatility. Marble, wood and metal, geometric and linear, with unexpected rounded curves, can do their bit to create a spectacular room like the ones we see in these images.

Another very important element in modern living rooms is modular furniture. They allow to have a flexible interior and a configuration according to personal tastes and preferences. They are very practical and versatile, since they allow you to reorganize the decoration with ease.


A well-lit room is a perfect example of modernity. Large windows, high ceilings and low furniture are a summary of modern design.



Another element that characterizes these types of modern spaces are the large windows, which let in a lot of natural light and also allow for beautiful outdoor views.


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Striking color accents

The color will be seen in chairs, armchairs, sofas and accessories, as well as tables and light fixtures. And modern classic models, be they Cassina, Ligne Roset or Thonet, are back in the limelight thanks to updated colors, which become one of this year’s most distinctive trends.

A single piece of furniture in a distinctive color can be enough to revitalize the entire aesthetic of any space. The strong and playful presence of pastel colors is also notable. We can see sunny yellow or lemon yellow, red-orange or green in all its varieties.

Another intriguing and profound trend is a combination of pine green, mustard, royal blue or burgundy red, which form an interior style inspired by the Vienna salons of the 20th century. A very good way to achieve a contemporary room is to bet on original furniture, accessories with vibrant colors and modern textures such as velvet.

Using bright toned colors only on furniture is one way to add color to a monochrome setting and add modernity to a room. Accessories such as contemporary art and leather furniture are perfect for creating a modern atmosphere.

Taking inspiration from nature, using green accessories and organic shapes is always in fashion. Using original furniture too.

The combination of white, red and black also ensures a modern atmosphere. To make it sophisticated too, keep the walls white and add artwork that helps in a modern setting.

Color is a way to create a modern atmosphere. Combined bright furniture and a neutral rug to not overload the room.

Using black upholstery is synonymous with modernity. Combined with vibrant colors, original patterns and storage shelves, you will achieve a very modern retro space.

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We will show you some of the many ways to use white as the predominant color in a living room. Some designs have color accents, some are quite purist, some use a minimalist style of modern design, and some are rather eclectic.

A blank room does not necessarily mean that you have to remove all the colors. You can paint the wooden floor or walls white and buy a white sofa. It can be supplemented with a brightly colored chair or coffee table. It is recommended not to choose a white carpet, as it is very difficult to maintain it. For a rug, it is best to use neutral colors or a colorful rug.

White living rooms also look spectacular if we combine them with neutral colors. In this way, we can create an environment where chiaroscuro form interesting reliefs and dimensions. These colors also help bring out the textures that make up the room.

As interior design must be simple and clean, many designers use contrasts to create focal points, for example, a modern space with industrial touches, or through color, for example, a living room where white predominates, with some touches of black color.

Neutral tones

The color palette is usually based on soft and warm tones such as beige and brown. Color can be introduced through a few accent pieces. They can take the form of furniture or decorative items, such as cushions or rugs.


Many who enjoy monochromatic decoration, can take it to their living rooms to achieve the purest modern style.

Modern living rooms


Neutrals with touches of color

It’s perfect to keep a room monochromatic and add interest, for example with wall art.


This other proposal is perfect to create a climate of calm and relaxation, where a strong commitment is made to white and wood, and takes advantage of the blue and green notes of the cushions and the painting.

Any living room can be a style statement, if you have good taste in the furniture and add a lot of white and a hint of color in decoration elements.

Small modern living rooms

In small rooms, it is advisable to use white or another bright color as the predominant color, to visually expand the space.

Corner sofas are also an excellent solution.

You can also consider enlarging a window. This will give the feeling of spaciousness.

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Elongated modern living rooms

In this type of living room, it is convenient to use shallow sofas, and place it against the wall.

To break the length a bit, it is advisable to place two small armchairs on both sides and a central table, accompanied by decorative objects.

Large modern living rooms

A large space offers us the possibility of assembling a room with very different configurations, since we have no limitations. Let’s take a look at these examples.

Modern living rooms with fireplace

The living room is a very special space, and it is very important to achieve maximum comfort. A modern fireplace provides warmth and comfort. It is characterized by its simplicity and contemporary look, and its glass panel offers a beautiful view of the fire.

During the night, the living room fireplace becomes a central place in the home. They do not take up much space, and allow you to save on heating bills. Even if you have a small living room, you can have a fireplace to enjoy its pleasant warmth.

A fireplace creates a special environment and provides a better quality of life. Next to it, you can add furniture to sit and read your favorite books or just relax quietly.

Celebrity lounges

We are all curious to know what the homes of the famous are like, if they have good taste or not, if they are simple or not. Here are the living rooms of some of the most famous personalities of the moment, such as Reese Witherspoon (A Very Legal Blonde), Rachel Bilson (Jumper) and the Brazilian model Gisele Bündchen, among others. In all the examples you can see a normal environment, where most of us would have no problem adapting.

Rachel Bilson

Rachel’s house has everything we can hope for. Nestled in the Los Angeles hills, the living room blends bohemian with understated elegance.

Reese witherspoon

Also in the State of California is the Witherspoon Ranch. It features beautiful architecture and impressive surroundings. You can even notice a Spanish Renaissance touch, such as plaster walls and vaulted ceilings.

Nate berkus

Always in the same area, we see Nate Berkus’s living room, with a healthy mix of vintage and new, very modern and fresh.

Vincent Kartheiser

While most Hollywood stars prefer to live large, Vincent Kartheiser is one of the few exceptions. His house is “only” 580 square meters; but it is his living room that takes all the attention. Fully decorated to give it an elegant atmosphere from the middle of the last century.

Gisele Bundchen

Despite the fact that Gisele’s entire house leaves us with our mouths open, it is the living room that surprises us. Comfortable seating, antique fireplace, and giant glass doors. Without a doubt it is a space where we can be all day.

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