The decoration of double bedrooms is usually not an easy task. It has to be designed so that both members of the couple feel comfortable and comfortable. In addition, the aesthetics of the room must be consistent with both personalities and personal tastes. We will show you some trends and tips that can serve as inspiration in this arduous task.

 Modern double bedrooms

It is estimated that we spend a third of our lives in our rooms, so this room deserves the best. Whatever your interior style, the bedroom should be a relaxing sanctuary, where you sit away from the outside world, so you can recharge after a long day. The design of this room must be carefully considered, and with countless styles and schemes, it is difficult to choose the best one for each of us. That is why we have selected our best bedroom decoration ideas.

Modern and minimalist bedroom

The modern, simple and elegant rooms are one of the most popular options. Often linked to minimalism, these bedroom designs have few embellishments, with a few select pieces. They look particularly amazing in monochrome colors.

As for the lines that dominate modern decoration, the clear prominence of the minimalist style can be seen through its straight and polished lines. Style that is also evident through the arrangement of the furniture, since it is a reduced number of them, following the phrase that inspires the style: “less is always more.”

You should not have a messy room because in addition to not resting well, it kills passions.

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Industrial bedroom

If you crave a loft style, an industrial room is perfect for you. Metallic elements dominate these rooms, so look for vintage-style metal bed bases and furniture along with muted colors and touches of brass or copper. It also helps to have an exposed brick wall.

By making low-cost purchases, you can transform your bedroom into a very chic room.

Scandinavian style

It is no secret that the Nordic style is on the rise. Relaxed and elegant, this type of bedroom is the perfect example of the timeless style of the Scandi, with its muted color palette and natural materials.

Vintage bedroom

If you are a fan of shabby chic style, a vintage room is a great option. Filled with unique elements and pastel hues, the bedroom has a calming look that is sure to help eliminate any problems from your day.

This style never goes out of style, and allows us to decorate using old furniture and decorative objects that we have. They can also be found at great prices in second-hand markets.

This bedroom is designed with French inspiration, combining used objects and furniture and other inexpensive items. If the room is large enough, place a small sofa so that the couple can sit and relax together.

We can be inspired by different times, for example, the 20s, 50s, 60s or 70s.

Rustic and modern room

The balanced mix of a rustic and modern style is very fashionable today. We are talking about soft colors, rustic and natural wood and decorative elements made of natural elements.

Bohemian bedroom

The bohemian style is one of the most versatile looks out there, and you can approach it with a laid-back “anything goes” atmosphere, combining pieces from different decades and styles to create your own eclectic look. Whatever you add to your bohemian bedroom should be fun and easy.

Art Deco elements

If you are looking for glamor, the best option would be the most glamorous of the design eras. The Art Deco design movement of the roaring 1920s is still incredibly popular today and is the perfect combination of opulent and frivolous design. Experiment with rich colors, geometric embellishments, and metallic glitters. The room will radiate glamor.

To create a luxurious room, you need to focus on materials and textures. Any color combination, whether neutral or bright, will instantly take on a luxurious feel with the addition of luxurious textures like velvet, fur, and soft cotton sheets. Layer in opulent materials like shiny metals and cool marbles and you’ll give your sleeping space a luxurious feel.

With a sewing machine, you can get inspired and design your own covers, curtains and pillows.

Tropical decoration

Tropical interiors are a continuing trend. From large-scale leaf prints, to hues of greens and tropical flower pops, this bedroom style will make you feel like you’re on vacation when you wake up in the morning and it’s fabulously fun.

Floral bedroom

Charming and romantic, floral rooms are always in style. A great way to design a floral bedroom that looks perfect all year round is to choose a color palette that works for all seasons, and keep accessories light and bright for the summer and add richer hues in the winter, whichever you choose. You can easily do by exchanging bedding and small decorative details.

Wood clad wall

Within the trends, an element that clearly stands out is the wood used in one of the walls. It helps us to easily achieve a cozy and highly sophisticated environment.

In many cases, this natural element can also be carried on our walls, for example behind the bed.

Polished concrete floor

You can bet on another of the fashionable materials: polished cement.


The couple’s room must be a place of rest and at the same time a place that fosters moments of passion and many times, achieving both is not easy. Colors can help us achieve this difficult purpose. It is advisable to choose neutral colors for the walls, and then add touches of color with decorations, cushions or bedding.

Earth and neutral colors

As for the colors, we can see how there is a clear predominance of earthy and neutral tones, although an important place is left for the participation of vibrant and luminous tones in the details and accessories.

If you’re not a fan of too much color in the home or you just want your sleeping space to be a quiet haven, neutral colors should be your first choice. A combination of soft grays, beiges and whites lends a classic look to the bedroom, and when you see the result, it probably won’t look boring.


White double bedrooms

White is one of the classic colors, which never goes out of style. It is that this color helps us to expand spaces and illuminate them without too much effort. You can use different shades of white, for example, below we see creamy white, a very warm color. It is perfect to combine with natural woods, and highly recommended for old houses.

Here, on the contrary, we see cold whites, combined with black. This combination is ideal for small spaces. It can also be combined with grays or touches of color.

If you have wooden floors, white is, without a doubt, one of the best options.

If you’re looking to create a sleeping sanctuary, you can’t go wrong with white. White rooms look eternally clean and fresh, making them perfect for warmer countries, but they can also be warmed with cozy textures in colder countries.

They have a versatile look for any style of home and will create a perfectly calm environment.

A totally white bedroom, even with this color floor, can also look fabulous.

Black and white

As we’ve mentioned before, modern rooms lend themselves perfectly to a monochrome look. One of today’s favorite monochrome color palettes is classic black and white.

Double bedrooms in pink tones

Whether as an accent color or an entire color scheme, pink has been one of the most popular colors for the home in recent years. This is another of the classic and favorite colors to paint and decorate a double bedroom. Unsaturated colors can be chosen, known as pastel.

You can create a low-budget bedroom yourself. Together with your partner, you can be inspired by the idea in the photo of creating sliding doors for the closet with old doors.

Coral pinks, slightly orange, are also another of the shades of pink that we can use, to achieve a very cozy and cheerful bedroom.

But we can also take risks with saturated tones, which are close to fuchsia.

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It is a fabulous option anywhere in the house. With so many different shades to choose from, a gray room can look clean and fresh or cozy and warm. As with any color scheme, the key is in the shades you use.

Gray and yellow

One of the most popular color combinations for bedrooms is yellow and gray. If you like the gray rooms we mentioned above but want a bolder pop of color, a gray and yellow room might be the one for you. Gray is a fabulous base for sleeping spaces and almost any accent color will work well with it, but a current favorite is rich mustard yellow.


This color is having its moment in the inner world, which means that blue rooms are on the list. Whether it’s dark and dramatic, or cool and refreshing, a blue bedroom can give any feel depending on the shades you use.

Combining the colors brown and blue is a very successful choice within the design trends.

Golden elements

A gold room doesn’t mean you have to decorate everything in this color, but a gold accent here and there can instantly turn a dull room into a wonderful one. Gold accents are eye-catching and work well with many wall colors.

Dark colors

Dark colors are no longer just used in room accents, they are becoming a key style in their own right. We’ve passed the days when dark walls were thought to make a room feel small, so why not be bold and choose a dark room for your next renovation?

The couple’s room is often complicated when it comes to choosing colors, she does not want a purely masculine color and he does not want to see himself as a visitor in a room that seems entirely feminine. So starting from the premise that it is a room for two, you have to choose a color that remains in the neutral field and that allows you to explore decorative aspects without leaning solely towards one of the two trends, feminine or masculine.

By choosing the color that dominates the environment, and that we place on walls, we can take advantage of the dark gray color. It is a color that has many shades and that combined with white provides a style of calm and relaxation to the room without being feminine or masculine, but neutral. It also allows you to play with other colors in ornaments and furniture.

You can choose charming shades of purple in solid color or also combine with purple in the prints. This color is great for a variety of decorating styles, which is not often the case with all colors. And it is a color that resists the passage from summer to winter, so in that sense it is also very practical.

Small double bedrooms

There are a few tricks to making a bedroom look bigger. For example, paint the wall opposite the entrance a darker color than the rest of the walls, preferably painted white. This adds a lot of depth to the room.

If we want to decorate the room with a chair or armchair, it should be placed away from the area where we take our clothes off or away from the closet. With this we get that the room is not cluttered, since we tend to put the clothes on the chairs with the excuse of putting them away later.

If we don’t have enough space to put a closet, an excellent solution is to place the storage behind and on both sides of the bed.

We can also place the bed against a wall, in this way, we will have more free space.

One of the first rules of bedroom design for couples is never to put too many decorations and furniture. This will make the bedroom feel cramped and cramped.

If space allows it, we can place the bed in the center of the room, and on both sides some small tables to place the night light and other belongings. Pendant lights help a lot to give more space and comfort.

Instead of buying an illustration, which is usually expensive, buy a paintbrush and create your own work to decorate your bedroom.

The placement of the bed should be right in the middle of the room to ensure that neither side of the couple looks uncomfortable when getting up and feels free to walk around the room if they want.

Small details can make our room a nice place to enjoy. Use some pillows and cushions on the bed, but not too many.

If the room is not too big and you want to put a TV, choose one to hang on the wall, so as not to rob the room of living space.

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