Adolescence is a special time in the life of any child. It is a period of discovery, of forming hobbies and interests, of discovering relationships and enjoying the first real test of independence. Parents can do many things to help their children through these several years of transition to adulthood, but one of the best gifts they can give is a place that reflects their own unique personality. That is why we will show you a few ideas and photos for decorating youth bedrooms.

 Modern bedrooms

If there is a room in your house that should really reflect your taste, personal style and that gives you the greatest comfort, that is the bedroom. It is a personal sanctuary that allows you to rest and have a moment of introspection, and it is often the room in which many of us spend the majority of our time at home. Let’s take a look at the top trends shaping bedrooms in the coming months.

Scandinavian style

Almost every decorating trend today draws inspiration from Scandinavian décor, including shades like gray and off-white, warm wood accents, and a penchant for interiors bathed in a torrent of natural light. Achieving this type of style is very simple and inexpensive.




Industrial style bedrooms

We’ve seen it over and over again in recent years, but it seems that industrial design has already been installed by 2021. Rustic brick or concrete walls, thin-legged metal furniture, and heavy brown tones can be found in various elements. decorative.

Mid-century style

Beautiful pieces of furniture and decoration by Italian designers from the 60s and 70s are another trend. Combine them with white tones to accentuate the wood grain and its beautiful lines and you have one of the most elegant bedroom designs.

Simplicity and minimalism

With regard to architecture, the clean and straight lines stand out, one of the great characteristics of minimalism, which are clearly fused in all modern decoration proposals, reminding us once again that “less is always more”.


Modernity requires being practical, leaving aside other overly ostentatious and overloaded decorative styles, such as bohemian, romantic or shabby chic. All beautiful, but for those who lead a life full of activities and want to relax in a very relaxing bedroom, a modern and contemporary decorative style is much better.

As we’ve said, options abound. Above all, the simplicity of shapes and the very basic furniture stand out, without this being confused with austere or too simple. Practical, elegant but very modern forms are used.





The furniture can be very avant-garde or the simplest, what this style demands is a modern look that is cozy, but very organized.


Retro bedrooms

Retro style will play a significant role in this season. A combination of geometric shapes and warm tones is able to recreate old world atmospheres in a contemporary context.

Speaking of retro, we must take into account the return of velvet as a textile to achieve elegant and soft furniture, whether sofas, beds or chairs. The colors are warm and bright.

Solid wood beds, another retro trend to keep in mind.

Bedroom and bathroom together

Co-sleeping and bathing spaces are growing in popularity, and some of the best examples can be seen in hotels.

Timber and beam structures are juxtaposed with brick and marble walls, while delicate bedding brings refinement to the room. Exquisite luxury meets contemporary minimalism.

Natural materials

As far as possible, the materials used in the bedroom should be natural and of an organic origin. We all love wood, linen, cotton textiles, velvet or leather, they are rich in both tactile and aesthetic sensations.

Recycled wood walls

Ecological awareness has shaped quite a number of design trends in the last decade, such as the reuse of reclaimed wood. They’re a smart economical and eco-friendly choice, for example, reclaimed wood walls bring textural beauty to contemporary rooms that are dominated by glass, stone, and concrete. Of course, these stunning accent walls blend seamlessly with any bedroom style.


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Custom headers

Homemade headboards are on the rise, and there are a lot of variations and possibilities, from paddles to padding.


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Here are some ideas: Easy-to-make modern headboards

Wall wallpaper

A few seasons ago, a return of the wallpaper has been seen. Can be used on a single wall. They allow you to discover a world of fascinating colors and patterns.


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Many times the decoration of our bedrooms becomes a bit monotonous. A simple way to give life to this space is through wallpaper. One of the options, widely used today, is to use paper that simulates a natural wood coating.




Another effective way to add style to the walls is to build a kind of large headboard, upholster it with paper, and attach it to the wall just behind the bed.


Many times, by implementing them on a single wall (generally on the one to which the headboard of the bed faces), it can be more than enough to achieve the desired effect. Since thanks to the greater prominence of a single wall, we achieve a favorable visual effect.




Bedrooms with many amenities

Modern bedrooms are not just a place to sleep. They are becoming a “home within a house” that offers almost everything that is needed without having to venture beyond the confines of the room. Some might want to set up the office in the bedroom, while others just need a small desk along with a luxurious bathtub and a wall-mounted TV to create a room with all the comfort.


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Modern bedroom lighting

And one of the things that clearly cannot be missing in any bedroom that wants to adopt this type of decoration, is the luminaire, which further reaffirms the softness of the colors and the spaciousness of the spaces. For this reason, special attention must also be paid to ensuring that it is soft and warm, and that is where dichroic lights have gained significant popularity, which allow us to regulate the light source according to our needs.



Modern bedroom bedding

One of the simplest ways to give rooms a modern décor is to opt for bed sets with rich and colorful textures, in attractive fabrics and fabrics.

Bedding in shades such as pink, white, beige, gray, green and yellow are one of the most popular options, as well as striped and circle prints, which give the bedroom more appeal.

Although striped and circle prints are very popular this season, rooms can also be enlivened by floral, geometric, ethnic, tree branch and leaf prints.

In addition, the spongy padding, numerous pillows and cushions, blankets of different textures stand out, since this season a lot is played with the contrast of styles, textures and colors.

Those who prefer instead to decorate their rooms with more discreet designs, can opt for monochrome duvet covers, since what they do not have in color they have in style and are also gaining popularity this season.

Small modern rooms

Creativity and space planning is essential when it comes to tight spaces. Using a light and delicate construction of lightweight wood, the designers set aside a small corner for the bed platform.

The material continuity, high ceilings and abundance of natural light create a welcoming space that has an elegant aesthetic in addition to its intelligently defined functions. This dynamic is very comfortable and functional. This design has one more advantage: it is created with modest means and is suitable for low-cost budgets.

Here the bedroom platform is a wooden construction juxtaposed with the industriality of the concrete ceiling and floor finish. Together with the cushions, it makes up a perfect relaxation area.

If in the two previous examples the bedroom had become a part of the living room thanks to creative constructions, in other cases there is neither the space nor the possibility to separate the bedroom from the living room.

The sofa bed is also a possibility. New trends and design lines offer some very stylish examples to choose from.

Modern double bedrooms

After a day of chaos, the double bedroom is usually the only place where the two of you can find each other in peace and alone, away from children and everyday worries.

Here we see some ideas where the characteristics that we mentioned at the beginning are applied: minimalist decoration, neutral colors, wallpapers and wood.

Modern bedrooms for young people

In this type of bedroom, we can dare more to play with colors, to inject a more youthful spirit into the room.

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Modern bedroom colors

Neutral and pastel colors

One of the great characteristics of this type of decoration is the inclusion of textures and discreet colors such as those of the pastel range, in order to recreate comfortable and functional spaces, but without visual overloads. On the other hand, accessories and works of art are kept to a minimum, in order to reinforce the idea of ​​simplicity.


The colors can be according to personal taste, but it is recommended that neutrals predominate, such as white, beige or gray, with touches of color in accessories or a single wall. Natural lighting is used to the maximum.


It can be chosen for the decoration of modern bedrooms, both warm and cold colors.

Modern white bedrooms

White is one of the classics in bedrooms, since, in addition to giving a lot of space and light, it can be combined with all kinds of colors.

Using different shades of white and gray helps to give depth to the space we want to decorate.

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