Time to decorate your home, there are many questions that may arise at the point of choosing a rug for the living room, or even on the carpet in the bedroom. We spoke with Francesca Alzati, an architect, a designer, and the director of a By Kamy, and elencamos 8 tips for gold to hit you in the selection of this play. Check it out!

blue carpet how to choose the living room sofa, white,

Among the factors to be taken into account when choosing a rug, you are in the room where it will decorate it, and all the furniture that you are part of the composition.

Tip # 1: the Carpet in the square and the rectangular, in living rooms and bedrooms

the carpet in the blue rectangle to the center coffee table

When you put your furniture and home furnishings prato rug, the power of this element, it is highly valued, and he will gain leadership in the environment.

Living room, living room, and bedroom, you are strongly advised formats are square or rectangular. The pieces are placed on the top are too many, and the carpet will need to define this space. “This is the piece that has the power to expand the space when it is all over it. So forget about the one mat at the foot of the bed. Invest in a bed and gets on top, and it is all around you. In the living room, sofas, coffee tables, and poufs need to be focused on a single mat to increase the power of that small room,” says the professional.

Tip 2: in the living Room and the dining asks for attention

In the dining room, the format of which varies according to the shape of the table. The table is round or square), the carpet must be of the same format, though in reverse. For example, in a round-table discussion, it is great as a carpet square (and vice versa). In the rectangular table, and the carpet should always be a rectangular shaped,” says She, warning him that it is important it is always to 70 cm to 1 m, the largest on either side of the table, as they vary according to the size of the chairs.

Tip 3: for the Couch, determines the rug in the living room for the TV

the white carpet rectangle living center, white furniture, classic style

The range of rug done with that, it would be ideal to accommodate all of your furniture and make the environment more welcoming, and extremely powerful.

“Generally speaking, it is always rectangular, and should be placed at least half of the depth of the sofa. On the mat, in front of the sofa, must be very large to accommodate for bean bags, chairs, or used to be, lie down comfortably,” says the director, By Kamy.

Day 4: the Carpet in the Circular, or a Carpet in a Rectangular?

tapete oval-shaped black-and-white bedroom the side of the bed

The curves highlight the sensuality of the environment, and, in case you take a seat to an element in your interior, add value to their full potential.

In the circular, or any of the formed curved is extremely sexy and makes the viewer focus on that one point. “It’s a way that leads to the person who lives in or is visiting for the interior of the stuff. If you have a special place (the reading of a work of art, yoga and meditation), that has an object, a piece of design or a plant that you want to stand out, this is the format that is recommended as it enhances his / her own piece,” said She Alzati.

Tip 5: When you are choosing a rug, natural

“On the rug, natural living, and the conversation is constantly with you. The purpose of the task that creates the nuances that changes throughout the day depending on the amount of light. It keeps the room temperature to the touch, perfect for all year round, cool in summer and warm in the winter. Stepping into a silk in a room is a great feeling, and the effect is just beautiful, it is suggested to the architect and the designer, adding that, they are perfect for places on the most noble of the house such as living room, small living rooms, bedroom, and dining room.

Tip 6: in The time of the Rugs-Synthetic

striped rug with white and brown furniture and home furnishings-white

The carpet is synthetic, are the great allies in order to maintain the dwelling-room, during the four seasons.

Carpet synthetic, it has a touch dry, and it has a temperature cool all year round. “It has a more uniform texture and can also work well with the different sizes of the sky,” he says.

Tip 7: Focus on to create the compositions of the harmonic

At the time of composing, you always have to have a wire on the beat “, which could be followed by color or patterns. “It is beautiful to break into a house and see only the rugs, they are treated as true works of art, optimally placed in one, but each with their own unique personality and story to tell. It is a good idea to mix in old rugs with other textures to create a sleek. This elegant,” points out Anymore.

Tip 8: the Rug should not be treated as the original

the white carpet rectangle living room with black and white furniture black

The time to buy a carpet, you do not pay attention to just how it will be seen from in your living room. Toss a glance at its origin and in its materials.

According to Francesca, one of the main mistakes in the choice of a rug is to be treated as an original, only focusing on the aesthetic and you don’t have to worry about understanding, about the kind of lavoração, the process of dyeing, the raw material, the elements that determine the characteristics of the components.

Want to learn more about the rugs? Check out this video!

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