An important aspect in the living room decorated with small evaluating the available space. It is also true blend of functionality to your decor by using a mobile, versatile and with a strategic location. Large furniture can take up a lot of space, but well-chosen to make your living room decorated with small but cozy. Check out your mind to ideas in the Living Decorate it and let your decor perfectly.

the living room is decorated small

Living room decorated with small, welcomes tones of gray and a flower in the décor.

Another important aspect is the use of visual aids to enhance the feeling of space. To Explore the maximum of all these features, you must install mirrors in specific spots, in a way that will double your space and increase the value of light. Opting for bright furniture, since they are no longer in the decoration-light and expand the space visually.

Don’t sin because of the excessive

A living room decorated with small, can’t get too many decorations for the excess of the object, however small, that makes the atmosphere heavy, and prints by clutter. Choose a balance of colors, furnishings, and decorative elements. Think about it: what’s really in my living room decorated with small needs?

living room decorated with small..

The living room is decorated, small and integrated into the kitchen.

A small space that integrates the kitchen, living room, and a countertop for dining. Please note that in the above project, we used pastel colors, rug, under the sofa, and a few decorative objects. The functionality of the furniture that is installed on the side of the sofa allows you to handle the books, and objects to the holding of a small meal.

The living room is decorated small dining

the living room is decorated small

The dining room smaller and more sophisticated.

You can see how the shape of the table increases, the perception of the space around them. The project is up and flee from the classic to the mobile right angle, with strokes that are straight to the environments in handy. The space is used well with the furniture and small cubes are built into the wall, allowing for the display of decorative art.

That is just to save the space in your living room is decorated a little one?

The spaces are each time more compact, does not allow the use of some furniture, and in some cases the style room small, you don’t have space for a sofa. So, what do you do? A very simple, pull out on the sofa, decoration, and use the smaller pieces, poufs and chairs. Take a look at the practical design under living room decorated with small, but comfortable sofa.

the living room is decorated small

Living room decor with a bold look.

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Living room decorated with small to personalize the atmosphere.

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