Rugs for living room can also be found in a variety of styles, colors and sizes, and they are a crucial component to complement your decor, and you leave the space in the most beautiful, charming, and super-friendly. However, it’s a question that a lot of people, you have to buy a carpet for the living room / dining room: how to choose the size of rug for the living room? And that is exactly what we will talk about today going to show you tips on how to choose a rug for a room that’s ideal for your home

- carpet for living room modern, decorated with colorful cushions and white sofa Picture on Pinterest

1. Area rugs for the living room should follow the style of decorating that is chosen for the environment because of the Photo: Pinterest

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How to choose a rug size for the living room

Did you know that the carpet for the living-room is the last piece that you should choose for your room? It is seen that as well, you can decide on the measures of some of the water of a small room and also to the large living room as the furniture arrangement and size that is available.

Area rugs for the living room should be large enough so that the main furniture of the environment that may be on them. For this reason, it is important for a rug to be able to accommodate the dining table in the center, and even on a shelf or in a rack.

For large rooms and high-end of the carpet, you should be able to access all of the mobile power plants on the environment, and the rugs small living room can be used as a covering for the return of at least 20 cm below the furniture.

- carpet for living room be adorned with a classic style Photo-JERA-Architecture & Engineering

2. It is important for you to the carpet for living room be able to serve as the base for the greater part of the furniture in the environment. Photo: JERA Architecture and civil Engineering

How to choose the size of the carpet for the living room / dining

Choose rugs, dining room, and goes well beyond the size, because, first of all, you need to remember that we used to use that space for meals, and for this reason it can happen, accidents, and a drop of food or drink on the mat. So, try to avoid templates that carpets for living room shaggy in the space, and would prefer that they are easier to clean as those of the east.

In relation to the size and the shape of the rug, it’s interesting that it follows the same format as that of the dining table, or a floor mat round, a round table on a rectangular table, rectangular, and so on and so forth.

In addition to this, it is important that the rug is large enough so that the chairs do not enrosquem around the edges, so it is recommended that the rug to the dining room and has an average of 1 metre from the edge.

rug for the dining room, which is decorated with the glass table and buffet white Photo's Antenna is Critical

3. Invest in models of floor mats for the dining room, which will follow the same format as the table top – Picture: Antenna is Critical

Now that you know how to choose area rugs for the living room, come check out all the models from the carpet to the Living Decorating and find the one that’s right for your home!

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