In the heart of London, located in a Art Deco building in the neighborhood of Bloomsbury, is this apartment with superb views of the city centre. A trip to the cosmopolitan capital par excellence in which the styles, the culture and the tradition is híbridan to give light to spaces, such as this, are built to bringing a new touch of light. In fact, the lighting and warmth they are two aspects to highlight in the interior design of this apartment that welcomes us and comforts in a style with a broad and dynamic.

The interior designer Marta Alonso has been in charge of giving life and functionality to your space. A project that comes from the hand of the real estate agency, London Property Partners contacted her to create this apartment with the idea of rent it possible physicians and researchers the hospital center of research that has been built in this area of London.

“With this briefing, I decided to opt for a material palette neutral but warm contributing personality. So I opted for a floor of natural wood blade wider than that allowed me to embellishing the design of the head of the bed creating a look minimal but at the same time warm and inviting,” explains the interior designer.

On the other hand, the kitchen furniture is also panelled in oak wood bring the warmth needed in the area of the kitchen/living room. To give contrast to the room, it has opted for a selection of tiles in shades of grey topo accompanied by the baldosita manual that reminds us so much in the style of london, and the always quiet touch of the marble calacatta, in this case on the counter.


All of this is crossed by a space of walls and ceilings in a white very neutral that it wraps us in a nice manner. To which is added a open distribution that invites you to enjoy from each of its corners, despite the fact that originally, the apartment was completely compartmentalizing, leaving a small kitchen almost impracticable, and a bathroom with a distribution that is a little functional.

“I looked to find the best and most functional distribution to endow the space of amplitude. Although it could not be verified until the last moment, a time already carried out the demolition complete, because to be a building completely old with old facilities and some of them common and general for all the apartments”, indicates Marta Alonso.

Luckily, beyond the mystery, it was able to get the proposal submitted. The result is an apartment that now shines in a new way, broad and without architectural barriers that prevent the free movement from one space to another.

We leave you now with a small gallery of pictures so you can discover the details that provide rigor and warmth to this apartment located in the heart of London.

Lighting, technique, and functional


Lighting, technique, and functional

The lighting is the base of this project because of the interest in the interior, for whom, “the light allows you to give different scenes to suit the mood you’re in, especially living stressed out as we live and becoming aware of how important it is to our home for repair of our daily activities”.

For this reason, has chosen to include in this apartment luminaires techniques Difusiona Lighting that better were in favour of the project and the design. This translates into strips, LED linear hidden on shelves or in skirts that fall from the ceiling to create environments of indirect light that wrap around the space and offer comfort for the well-being of the tenant.

As we see in this image, to the head of the bed have installed the very functional n8 Marset. All this is controlled with the system Casambi that you can manage with an app on your Smartphone or tablet.

Decorative lamps


Decorative lamps

On the other hand, in the decorative lamps have been selected classic pieces of design as they are; the Parentesi of Achile Castiglione for the bedroom, pendant lamp design Utzon produced by &Tradition for the dining table and as the Basket of our beloved Miguel Milá, as an element of detail in the living room.

Custom designed furniture


Custom designed furniture

As we can see, in the case of furniture, there are very few pieces of standard furniture, the chairs Swivel UK, incorporating this touch Midcentury space, a must that never goes out of fashion. The rest of the furniture, dining table, coffee table sofa are custom designed furniture for this project in solid oak and lacquered in a shade of grey topo.

Home cozy and warm


Home cozy and warm

Finally, as a result of the interior design, we find ourselves with a home welcoming and warm, ideal place to enjoy, relax and unwind from the day-to-day of a city as cosmopolitan but busy as London.

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