Without a doubt, achieve decorate our home with recycled materials, without spending too much money, is one of the tasks that are most personal satisfaction we provide on the decoration. There are countless ideas that you can do. We’ll show you some of lamps recycledeasy to make and look great.

Lamps recycled

Wall lamp with table

For those that want to generate indirect lighting in your bedroom or want to have that space of accent lighting to the walls, we would like to introduce here is a diy idea, really entertaining, very cheap and of good results.

The materials can be recycled, still the same luminaires of flexible pipe, wooden planks (you can use wood veneer if you want to), small wooden dowels (to give a few inches of separation between the wood and the wall) and brads bra, to go by placing the lights.

The first step will be to delimitarnos which will be the surface that covers the wood on the wall, in order to place the nails of bra that will be used to grab the lights. These will be placed 5 cm away from the edge of the wood, or staking out a rectangle to much less (on the surface) on the inside of the same.

Then we will put the lights so that they pass around the perimeter of the rectangle is the smallest, so we will ensure a uniform lighting on all parties.

Followed to this place the wood blocks, always within the rectangle peqeuño, as far as possible inside the lights, so they don’t shade towards the outside.

Then you’re on conditions of laying the boards in front of you. It is important to understand that the weight of common wood is very high and that is not likely to reach only with nails and glue, so it is best to use wood veneer, which is much more lightweight.

Start from the bottom up with the tables, running boards, or holding them with screws, the wood blocks.

Finally will be completed to the indirect lighting, great for a moment of relaxation in the bedroom.

Lamps recycled knit

Knitting in wool we have a success this season in all possible fields of fashion, so much so that they have come to impose trend also in interior decoration. That’s why we present to you an ideal proposition and simple to carry her home. It consists in making the screens for their lamps in these versatile knits, a proposal that is so very stylish, as seen in the pictures below.


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As you can see, the proposals presented are really very simple, since we can use coats of point that we no longer use. The good thing is that all the skilled weavers can from this simple idea to get inspired and then easily be able to customize your own lamps, betting if they so wish by knitted more complex and attractive.

Thanks to the versatility of which they are possessed, this idea may lead to the lamps of all their spaces, although it should be noted that they are particularly ideal in spaces decorated in rustic.

Chandelier vintage

We show you an easy and inexpensive way to create a chandelier to decorate our home. In this opportunity, we will show you how to make a chandelier vintage-style, as it is a trend very popular that will never be out of fashion and it is easy to combine with other decorations in our home. A great idea to create a pendant light for dining room.


Old pulley or wheel bike.Candles.Crystals for garnish (optional).Bottles with a lock.Wire.


First you need to cut a wire length of the measure that the more you look. A good measure can be a meter and a half. Then you tie each end of the wire in the pulley so that they are tied one opposite to the other, creating a balance.

Then, you start hanging the jars on the pulley using more wires. You can also have the help of hooks. Hanging crystals so that the result is very decorative.

Finally, you add all the candles in the jars and you can add water to them to create the floating candles.

Chandelier recycling

Here’s a diy project very stylish. To do this we will use a few medallions (any pattern) of thin fabric, and a tall glass.


To start you will need a lot of medallions fabric with a design of equal or similar to those of the image. If you do ten-the work will be much lighter, it all depends on the size you want to cover.

In a bowl, mix water with a little bit of glue, and mix. We then proceed to paste the medallions to the vessel that we have chosen with a brush. The style can be free, but it is advisable to keep the edges of each medallion, in line with the next. Then it is convenient to apply a layer of glue with a brush, over the medallions.




Make sure the glue is completely dry before you turn on the candle inside of the cup.



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