The kitchen is perhaps one of the spaces of the home where more time we spend (awake). During the breakfast, cooking dinner, chat while you prepare a good meal with family and friends during the weekend… it is therefore essential that in it we feel comfortable. The large firms of kitchens and appliances have done a lot to get it.

Coffee machines that prepare coffee by themselves and exactly as we like, refrigerators to preserve food for a longer time, blast chillers and ovens that make preparing a hearty dish almost in a children’s game… they All work with a clear goal: to make us feel at ease, to give themselves.

In the environment of the furniture, this interest has led to large firms to worry about the smallest detail, to think before we do all that we can to make things easier, made more comfortable, any whim that we can have, and turn it into reality.

José Miguel Simon, interior designer and director of Iconno, tells us what are your “details” favorites ” for kitchens.

Materials, wood and aluminum


Materials, wood and aluminum

The German company SieMatic is a very good example of the concern for detail. Their kitchens made to measure are adjusted to the millimeter. “The interior of the drawers are a luxury. Choose the best materials: aluminum, light oak or chestnut dark smoke, plush and porcelain, making it a real gem,” says José Miguel.

Technology at the service of comfort


Technology at the service of comfort

In addition, they have proposed unimaginable. From connections to charge the mobile or islands lighted mats plush for anything slide compartments kingsize who, thanks to their depth, they are a space ideal storage for tall objects.

One of their latest models, the SLX Pure, which features an island that incorporates interior lighting, taken a step further in the environment of the kitchen without handles with a system purely artisan, ratios harmonics and nice touch that makes the countertop appear to float. “In addition, the profile of the opening is gold, a luxury”.

Tricks and dimensions


Tricks and dimensions

To avoid having too many drawers, have also been designed internal drawers which, on the one hand, allow aesthetically kitchens are more attractive, and, on the other, to make the access more convenient.

If you have enough space, choose drawers XXL, high and deep, and incorporates other drawers under inside to keep everything perfectly organized.

The cubertero double it is another detail very useful that allows you to take advantage of the space and gives the option of having a secret drawer.

The crème de la crème


The crème de la crème

In the layout options, SieMatic includes even a spice rack: a system that allows you to place the view and very accessible to all tarritos with the spices. “These details are that make the difference,” adds José Miguel to continue with one of their proposals favorite: “To protect the knives have designed a bracket that prevents someone is cut out and that is a wonder. Produced in chestnut smoked oak light”.

They have also devised a comfortable jars of porcelain on which you can write in pencil and a few wooden boxes stackable in different sizes (in brown smoky or light oak), with lid porcelain rotulable.

To all this must be added the variety of choices the firm offers to distribute the space in each box to the taste of the consumer. Also give absolute freedom to choose their sizes. “The drawers are manufactured in any measure from 25 cm to 120 cm and, in addition, they are very resistant and have a system that makes it seem that slide alone. If you have space, the size are spectacular,” concludes José Miguel, “if you don’t, the small drawers will help you make any space, tiny”.

Now it’s up to you. Choosing which ones are your details and favourite options and grab them.

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