The magic of living near the coast and lucky to be able to do it in a luxury apartment. It is just what we offer this duplex located in one of the neighborhoods most luxurious Marbella, el Dorado, in Nueva Andalucía. A project that has been designed by Strong SantaMarta, a study of interior design formed by Alice and Sarah, who have put everything on your side to update the image, the atmosphere and furnishings of this apartment mediterranean and full of character.

In fact, from the first moment we impresses thanks to that wow effect the designers have managed to recreate in the space. This was the main premise of the project, that convey an emotion that is able to engage from the first glance. Something they have achieved perfection, and that traps us in the illusion of live there or spend a summer together on the beach.

“The intention was to create an interior neutral, although filled with details and without losing the essence of a home. The parts had to have personality but at the same time, they had to be able to capture the attention of customers of different tastes and age”, they explain from the study

Neutral but with a spark. This is the idea under which articulates the design of this apartment in the that have been optimized resources and taken advantage of the possibilities that the duplex was already in and of itself. A property that allowed maneuver quite well thanks to its surface 130 m2, of which 27 m2 correspond to terraces.

duplex el dorado

If we do a tour of the house, on the ground floor we find the hall, through which you have access to the lounge, dining and kitchen area that make up the same space, and terraces, and on the other side a small bathroom and one bedroom. In all these instances we can find that line, decorative tones clear that balances out the apartment.

In fact, as the dining room is located in the same open space, the most important thing is that he was “a harmony among the pieces of furniture chosen”, according to the interior designers.

We can also enjoy the high floor with a small distributor that connects two bedrooms with their respective bathrooms in suite. The master bedroom also features a walk-in closet and private terrace. In the proposed distribution, the entrance was very exposed from the lounge / dining area. To give a bit of privacy, we opted for an element divider sliding awning and a piece of furniture made to measure in the same wood a natural finish. Very aesthetic and functional.

We leave you now with some images for you to understand the design and interior of this home designed by Strong SantaMarta in Marbella.

Dining room in a single space


Dining room in a single space

As the dining room is open in the same space, to facilitate the passage has opted for a round table in ash wood tinted in black, very well cared for its circular base is formed by two pieces of curved wood. This is combined with chairs with mesh seat and backrest as well as a lamp globes of glass.

To bring an extra character, the designers have opted for a table custom made large size in the same tones and finishes off the stay.

Sofa-made to measure


Sofa-made to measure

As we can see, the living room features a sofa custom-made, upholstered in linen fabric-white, of large proportions, both in bottom and wide to look like a piece of very bulky. To contrast, an armchair light with strips of leather and structure in wooden natural color, similar to the sliding awning, ends of integrating all the elements.

A terrace, made for the rest


A terrace, made for the rest

We are facing one of the quietest areas of the home. This is the terrace, which by itself was already a great challenge due to its irregular shape.

“It was important to take advantage of every square inch because that was the area most conducive to the house for relaxation, with its wonderful views of the sea and its south-west orientation,” explain the designers. To maximize the space of seat, there has been a bank of work-to-measure dresses with comfortable cushions and a combination of low tables made of wood.

Dining area in the area techada


Dining area in the area techada

In the roofed structure has also been located and a dining area to be able to take advantage of it throughout the year thanks to the good climate that offers Marbella. The furniture is intended as something very light and natural, in harmony with the environment. The same intention is the responsibility of the colors and materials. This way everything is integrated and designed in the same space.

Guest bedroom


Guest bedroom

“For the guest bedroom we use clear shades to maximize the light in the interior since the window had a lattice work that formed part of the façade of the building. Continuing with the line of the rest of the house, opt for a bed with upholstered headboard in linen natural color”, explained from Strong SantaMarta.

In order to give light, they have also chosen a few bedside tables in transparent methacrylate, which visually take up little space. In terms of lighting, we find a type lamps flexo brass that give character to the room without breaking the natural harmony. Finally, the splash of colour bring the cushions linen green as well as the box on the bed.

Master bedroom


Master bedroom

The master bedroom has a bay window to the staircase with a pattern of metal profiles in the cross painted in black. The box turns to prominence from there so we selected a simple decoration for the windowsill lined in wood, with a few vases in neutral shades and a few leaves of the pampa. “We set out with a bed in black by the great amount of light in the space and we compare them with a few cushions in velvet mustard”, explain the designers.

For the lighting, have been chosen appliqués with swing arm in brass and intensity of light is adjustable to add that touch of added comfort. The bedside tables are very practical to be nesting tables finish and smoked along with the velvet headboard, make a tandem very sophisticated.

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Interior design mediterranean in this duplex located in Marbella

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