The study of architecture and interior design Coblonal Interiorismo, led by Joan Llongueras and Jordi Mercè, has made a project of interior design of an office of 250 meters square in the Diagonal Avenue in the Eixample district in Barcelona.

The offices, classic cut, have evolved, after the reform, until interiors relaxed and cozy that makes a call to the comfort under the premise of bring the comfort of home to the office capturing the effect home office, especially after having met all the advantages and disadvantages of teleworking for the past few months.

Despite having a tight budget, the interior design studio managed to project a work space that maintains a strong and solid brand image, but also to add, this time, a plus of comfort through the interior design of the stays to reinforce that message to convey the feeling of being at home in a totally relaxed.

Noble architecture of the previous offices

As a starting point the work of the interior design were features of the interior architecture the offices, 250 metres and formed by very high ceilings with original moldings worked for plaster, walls, in a color immaculate white, wood floor and large and spacious floor to ceiling windows that let in the natural light.

To carry out the interior design and clothing the new offices, the study Coblonal opted for a palette of warm colours in a colour range which include the rich tones as the colour earth, which combines with the wooden parquet floor. In terms of the textures, all of them are smooth to enhance the comfort that characterizes the entire space.


The comfort of home, at the office

Thus, the space is divided into different rooms such as living rooms or rooms for meetings, generating a set of spaces that share a style lightweight and easy-located next to the cosy jobs.

And is that this type of stays by the who has chosen to study, more typical of the residential area of the typical work spaces, you come as a evolutionary leap in the offices classic, which usually tend to be more impersonal and a little cozy. From the study, claiming that “In the work we spent many hours and the materials, textures and finishes that surround us are determinants in the quality of life of the people.”

Offices future

Work in the best conditions

From Cablonal ensure that these offices are a clear example of the evolution that we see in the work spaces of the future. And is that, after having had to turn our homes into spaces of telework in the wake of the pandemic, we know first-hand that the comfort and convenience have become two of the key factors for the development work.

As shown in this project, through a interior design relaxed and mellow get the best conditions in which to work, in the office areas, as in the rooms where you receive clients and partners, offering a scenario representative of the quality of the brand.

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