The marble in interior design is to stand out. The noble material with a natural rock that is used in the marble workshops to form boards or furniture with different finishes. It can be used in various applications, in this article we have partnered with the site to Guide the Investment, you are going to learn how to take the marble floor with your decor.

Before turning to the aesthetic value, however, it is important for you to know that this material has other advantages as well. It is very durable, because they can be renewed after that show the marks of time through a process of polishing or otherwise finishing. In addition, it features a exceptional toughness among all the materials, and is resistant to moisture and humidity.

The table, in marble, of course, with flowers, and a cup of coffee-Picture of a Minimalist-Minded

1. In addition to the beautiful, and the hotel is also in a material is very wear-resistant and durable. – Photo-of-Minimalist-Minded

Marble can be used for both flooring and walls, as well as in the manufacture of furniture. The appearance is very characteristic, that is a really good thing, given his social standing. It can have different textures and colors, and due to being a natural stone, it can be said that each and every piece is unique in its patterns.

All the different finishes to marble, they are:


The polished marble are the most common, presenting a smooth surface, and is almost a mirror, reflecting back the lights of the atmosphere at a certain level. It is the type that is used for the flooring, for example.

The marble on the floor, and as the jacket Photo of Jean-Philippe Delberghe

2. The marble can be use as flooring and wall cladding. Photo of Jean-Philippe Delberghe

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The marble levigado looks smooth, but dull, and it keeps the natural color of the stone. Since the marble sandblasted, apicoados and flameados don’t have the look smooth, they are perfect for outdoor areas.

The sand blasted through a process of sand blasting and surface finish is not as clear as that of the apicoado, which surface in high relief.

The marble floor in the living room

In the field of the architecture, a living room, it is a place of prominence. After all, meeting with friends, and with all kinds of access they give to this room. Decoration is usually the most challenging, with the scope to be creative and design the most unique.

A living room with a marble floor, and the wall Picture from Pexels

3. The living room is sophisticated and with the marble on the floor and on the wall. Photo from Pexels

The marble can be use as table top for a coffee table, like the panel to support the TV, and in-between the columns, or in the doorway to the window.

The colour of the marble to influence a lot on decor. The black marble is ideal for environments with a more modern and lighter tones are better suited for furniture classics.

As far as the finish, most of the people go for the finish. On the other, are the most commonly used in outdoor applications. However, with the advent and popularity of the rustic style in interior decoration, is it possible to choose one of the other finishes.

The trick is to try to introduce innovations in the materials that make up the mobile river. For example, with the support of a coffee table can be of glass or iron, and in formats that are unusual for them, such as a circle or a figure.

The marble floor in the living room / dining

The area of the house, and the building did not include it in the dining room and then in the late EIGHTEENTH century, when the room is no longer exclusively for royalty. Thus, it is understood why the room is so grand and represent sophistication.

Living / dining room with kitchen-Photo from Pexels

4. Living / dining room with balcony. Photo from Pexels

When we speak of grandeur and elegance, and it’s impossible not to talk about on the marble floor. This room is a good option can be to invest in the finish of the floor. The cost is very high, since it requires large quantities of this material is noble, but the visual effect is awesome.

The light shades are the most common for this application, but it’s a marble in the dark, it can lead to even more sophisticated, especially if combined with a light and low furniture, classic design, and can include details from copper and wood.

In addition to this, as you can imagine, the hotel is the perfect choice for the dining room table. Tend to be very large tables in which all of the beautiful arrangements of the dishwasher may be placed. Without a doubt, it’s a luxury when you made the coffee.

The dining room integrated with the kitchen, with marble flooring in dark shades-of-beige-Photo from Pexels

5. The dining room integrated with the kitchen, with marble flooring in a dark shade of taupe. Photo from Pexels

It is also possible to decorate the dining room with a mirror frame, marble columns, marble floor and counter tops. For the more adventurous, the marble cladding of the walls modify it completely to the environment, with the appearance on stage.

In the end, some care needs to be taken in the use of the toilet. The material must not be cleaned with products that are acidic or alkaline, as they damage your finish, then polished.

In addition to this, it is not recommended that the darker tones to be exposed to the sunlight, so be on the lookout for windows. In the case of flooring, it should be waxed regularly to maintain its beautiful appearance.

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