Generally it is thought that painting a home is a daunting task, and by that, or we put the idea aside, or leave it in the hands of someone more capable. For that this will not happen again, today I will show you how to paint walls without a monotonous job and complicated. Keep in mind that the results will be worthwhile and you will appreciate more, by self-effort.

How to paint walls

As is usually the step by step guides to become this type of activity is less overwhelming, here we leave some instructions.

Materials for painting walls

Paint your elecciónCinta of pintorRodillo of paint and brushes finosAlgo to cover the mueblesBandeja to pinturasTrapos of limpiezaEnduído or something similar

Tools for painting walls

EscaleraDestornilladorPinceles and/or rollers

Step-by-step how to paint walls


When you are ready to begin the task, make sure the room is well ventilated.Open the windows and, if the air does not circulate well, turn on a fan to get the stale air of the smell of paint.Remove the furniture from the room and if they are too heavy, away from the walls and cover them with any old piece of cloth or nylon.Wash and disinfect the walls to paint. It may seem unnecessary work, but you’ll be amazed with all the dust that its walls accumulate.Fill in the holes that the nails and screws left on the walls, you can be with a material such as filler or something similar.While the composite filler is dry , take care to place painter’s tape on the edges of frames, or anything else that you do not want to paint (like light switches).When the filler is dry, sand the parts that were stuffed, and remove the dust that caused.After all this preparation work, proceed to paint. Pour a portion proper of paint in the tray, put a new roller in the holder roller and you can start work.Using the roller, apply the paint as evenly as possible on the wall.Then the whole wall to be covered, with a smaller paintbrush proceed to touch up in the corners and other areas that the roller was difficult to reach.For a more uniform apply a double coat of paint. While waiting for the paint to dry between hand and hand, save your tray of paint, rollers and brushes in a plastic bag to prevent the paint from drying on the tools and the damage.Apply the second coat of paint.After all the paint has dried, carefully remove tape. Use a small brush to touch up the areas around the tape that you need.Replace the furniture, in the place they will occupy in the room.

In the pictures below we give some examples with a Before and After, that the work is worth it.


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Tips to keep in mind before painting walls

When you want to renew the decoration of the home, it is sufficient, if we don’t want big changes and we want a new look with paint the walls. This is easy and it is more economical, but for that to be a successful you have to take decisions beyond just deciding to paint.

The most important thing is to choose the colors of the wall proper. To do this you must bear in mind that the colors have an effect on our mood, so know the decorators and know-it-all world. So the color that you choose should have the quality to give us the feelings that we want. Relax in the living room and the bedroom, energy in the kitchen and joy in the dining room, enthusiasm in the fourth child.

Decided on the theme, we can move on to what color to choose for each room. It is not necessary to adhere to decorate the whole house the same color, taking into account that live in different personalities in the same and the color of the walls, is also part of personal taste.

We can be condescending about it, but for the home to stay balanced, you must take into account the continuity of color. Or is that while painting the walls a different color, the same should be in harmony. For example, should be all neutral tones or all tones of citrus, or they may well be different wall colors but the ceilings all the same. A degree of uniformity maintain continuity that a good decoration requires.

Agreed to these aspects, there is more to deciding on paint. The choice of color does not have to be conditioned to the season, but neither is it something that is prohibitively expensive, it is simply a matter of economy, to find a color that we get so carried away in the cold winter weather as in the warm summer.

Paint at the end of the summer

Many people take advantage of the summer to paint the house and this is a great idea, but not so many people imagine, that is because people are on vacation and you have more time, but in reality to paint at the end of summer, just before school starts give you great advantages on many levels.

To be a time very hot in which hardly any rain, you can keep windows open and in this way get the room to dry faster. Anyway, if you are in a hurry because they dry out the walls on the same day, you can buy paint quick-drying.

While you are on vacation, during this time of the year remains a better mood, feeling much happier than usual, so that you can tackle the task in a much more lively.

You can guide you through our suggestions of the colors, and the mood to see how you can make use of the colors and the different areas of your home.

You can take a look to our colors to inspire you


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