If you are looking for ideas of how to paint jam jarshere you will be able to see three different waysall very decorative, easy and cheap to make at home.

How to paint glass jars

How to paint jam jars of colors

You don’t need a lot of time or a lot of materials and the result is very good. You can use any kind of glass jar to decorate and colors that you want. The result is as you see in the image below. They are very beautiful and decorative.


Glass bottle limpioPegamento colaPincelColorante food


In a clean glass jar put glue from glue and food coloring. You can try different colours and proportions to achieve the color you like the most. For example, if you add one teaspoon of glue, two drops of blue food coloring and a drop of green food coloring, you end up with a turquoise tone. If the red add to it yellow, you’ll achieve a orange, blue and red will give you a purple.

Then you must take a little bit of water and mix with a brush. The mixture should be neither very thick nor very blended, it should have the consistency they have most of the paint, that is, easy to implement and extend. Place the mixture into the bottle.

It starts to paint the bottle. You can do it with a brush or just by moving the jar up and down, leaving the glue to expand throughout the jar.

Turn the vial upside down and put the lid to allow the waste to leak and remain in it. In this way we ensure that you will be perfect, without jets or drops. The paint will dry in a matter of minutes, and will turn transparent as the glue dries it becomes translucent.

Finally, you’ll have a bottle ready to decorate. You can use it to put flowers, save, pencils or a lot of utilities that you can think of. As you can see, it is very easy to do, fast, and very economic.

Painting glass jars marmolados

Without a doubt, there are many ways to achieve paint cups, bottles, dishes or any other type of cutlery with a marble effect, but we are going to show you a very easy and cheap that you can make it yourself at home without having much knowledge of paint. The materials you will need are nail Polish of various colors, and a pot with water. You can achieve an effect like the one you see in these images.



Nail Polish of different colors. You can use enamels cheap, don’t need to buy the expensive, as they will not be used for nails.A container with room temperature water, large enough to immerse the vessels, dishes or item that you want to paint. The container has to be disposable and preferably, as it will be painted.Toothpicks or another type of small sticks.

Step-by-step how to paint entire container

Drop a few drops of paint on the water. We will use the colors that you want.

With the toothpick or skewer will mix gently, trying to make it in like you see in the image below.

Dip the bottle and rotate it gently so that the whole surface is painted. The result will be as what you see below. A few vials common have been transformed into a beautiful accessory decorative.



Step-by-step how to paint only the base of the bottle or glass

The materials are the same as mentioned above but in addition you will need painter’s tape.

Put masking tape around the base to paint just the same, and not the walls.

Drop a few drops of nail Polish.

Mix with toothpick, gently.

Place the base of the glass on the painting.

When the glaze is dry, remove the tape.

This is the result, it really looks quite nice. And spending has been minimal. We have transformed a few vessels common in a decorative element special.



Jars fact constellation


Paint oscuraPincelEsponjas of pinturaPinturas color type enamel



Paint your bottle entirely in black and let it dry.


2) Using a sponge, paint the jar, color blue, light blue, and red, as seen in the image below, giving small touches scattered. The idea is to create a constellation.005


3) With white paint and a paint brush, splatter the jar and paint small white dots.



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