We present two proposals that are very beautiful and easy to make, ideal for those looking for a simple decor but very stylish for their armchairs or to decorate the floor. It is two ways of how to make cushions:with ribbons or old t-shirts.


How to make cushions with ribbons

This may be a solution to the lack of decoration in many bedrooms, as these cushions provide us with a relaxed style and a lot of fun, by means of a strong but delicate addition of color.

How to make cushions

You require a few simple materials that I will leave in the form of a list and a minimal domain of the sewing machine.

Materials and tools

Satin ribbons or “baby” of the thickness and the color you want.Hilo140 cm of fabric to the base of the cushion (no matter or colour, and texture, as you will be perfectly covered).AgujasMáquina of coserCierre


1) To begin the work should be the base fabric of the pillow. Cut two pieces of 50 cm x 50 cm (this will be the measure of the cushion, of course we can change it to personal taste).

2) Keep in mind that they should leave 0.5 cm for the seams on three sides, while the fourth is left a cm to be able to put a closure, which will allow us to be able to easy removal of the cover for washing.

3) Cut the ribbons of colors 51 cm long.

4) Put the tape covering the base fabric of the pillow.

5) Put another tape as shown in the image above.

6) we Repeat the procedure to interweave the straps to achieve an interlaced as we see above. you should try to create a nice effect of colors to personal taste.

7) once assembled this entire design, should be to finish sewing the two pieces and place the closing, so that the seams are as neat and hidden as possible.

Here you can see the process, and also other ideas for making cushions with ribbons pretty to look at.

How to make a cushion with an old t-shirt

It turns out that recently, I was asked to help in one of those terrible moves where there is no elevator and the friend in question decided to make cleanup of objects that, according to the no longer used or wanted. Between all of those things was a small box full of t-shirts for sports teams, were a little worn and even had some hose broken.

I couldn’t resist when I saw your sofa, immaculate white, I picked up the shirts and I put hands to the work. He is a young boy who moves to a house just at the moment without expectations of formal relationship with anyone. The truth is that it is very minimal but has always liked that idea of house american bachelorwith neon on the walls, a piece of furniture-bar and lamps extravagant or even those awful hats with 2 cans to the sides.


T-shirts viejasHiloTijerasMáquina of sewing, or in his absence, hand sewing


Everything was a piece of cake, never better, and a lot of filler for cushions.

Remove the neck and the sleeves in a straight line, leaving a square that will be the front and back of the cushion.Then sew each side on the inside of 1cm more or less, and is filled in.For those who are more skilled you can put on a face a few buttons and make a few holes in the back face, or a zipper.

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