Make a flower from paper or fabric it is a simple task if you are one of those that likes to be entertained with crafts.

How to make flowers out of paper, or fabric

How to make paper flowers

To make these flowers do not need foreign materials, with what you have at home can do it perfectly. So, get to work.

The first thing you’ll have to do, to be in the role chosen, you draw with the pen four figures as seen in the image and to crop them. (there are people who prefer to do it in the PC and print them, so that they are more perfect, to me personally, I like to hand).

Then you must draw with a ruler to 10 segments toward the center of each flower and then as you can see, will be bent, to go giving volume. The fourth figure, which will be in the centre of the flower, you’ll also need to make a small crease from both sides toward the center (longitudinal fold) and then with the help of a pencil, give them a form of loop. The same with the thinnest part of the paper that comes out of it, although this will have to do more marked still.

Now we prepare the center of the flower, that the insert by means of a objerto in the form of a skewer.

Returning to the large leaves, now with the help of the pencil, you’ll do what every completion of each petal to take shape and look more real.

Having done this, you will only look puncture the center of each of the three sheets with a pencil and then put them together from largest to smallest, atravesándolas with the fourth sheet and your paper flower will be ready.

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How to make flowers from crepe paper

The flowers are a wonder of nature, but many times we fastidiamos to realize its short life, or that in certain places in the reach of the light, it is impossible to keep them, so today I will give you an alternative to have some fun one afternoon with the kids that are at home and at the same time to set up a new home decor: flowers of crepe paper.


To make this craft, you need to use:

sheets of paper crepétijeraspegamentocinta white for the floresalambre white for the florespequeñas areas decorative, to simulate the stamens, which you’ll be able to get into a stationery, haberdashery or craft.



In the bottom image, you have numbered the steps.

To start, cut off a strip of crepe paper, 10×45 cm, Then the we will double longitudinally, as often as necessary, to achieve a single rectangle that you keep 10 cm, but who only has 5 cm wide. Now cut the top of this rectangle with a semi-circle shape. Followed by this, you will need to unfold the paper and re-fold it, although this time instead of matching the tips, you will make that match their valleys. Then cut the opposite side with the same semi-circular shape, which had already been applied in the step (1). Re-stretch the paper, fold in two by its width and make a knot with the white wire for flowers at one of its ends. Now, carefully, will be joining the petals to this that I am attached to the wire, carefully tighten the paper and give it the necessary form, paste it with glue to finally be securing them with the white ribbon for flowers. To finish, add a drop of glue in the center of the flower and cover it with the micro spheres gold or dark yellow, and finally the flower out of crepe paper will have been completed.

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How to make fabric flowers, easy

As in the decoration almost everything can be used and recycled, today I’ll show you that each fabric you on, either after covering your pillows or curtain, or an old shirt, you can have use in small decorations such as these beautiful fabric flowers. Their use can be from simple and decorative, even for brooches or gifts.

MaterialesTela previously starched. You can spray with a spray special (starch spray) and then allowed to dry; the process can be accelerated by placing it in the microwave between 15 and 20 seconds. You can also make your own spray homemade: dissolve 1 tablespoon cornstarch in 1/2 liter of cold water. stir until the starch is completely dissolved. Pour the solution into a spray bottle.LápizPapelTijerasAgujaHiloBotonesplancha

Steps to follow

As always, the first step is to make the mold of the flowers on a white paper. Thou shalt three molds of the same shape but different size. Then calcarás the outline of each in the fabric you have chosen.

After you cut them out, fold gently the petals, so as to give it a bit of volume to the flower. If you see that it is difficult to move them around, pass the plate on top of them, that when heat is added, it is easier to manipulate them. Therefore, if you are unsatisfied with the way it was, you can go to the iron again and start from scratch.

Finally put together the three flowers from highest to lowest, and attach them around the centre with a colourful button. Finally you have done with your own flower made with fabric starched.

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How to make flowers out of paper, or fabric

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