The sea, the sand and the salt are par excellence the key words of each summer. Cover advertisements, movies, and books inspired on the coast as the Catalan or the south Portuguese. However, this 2020 is not perhaps the year’s most idyllic due to the crisis caused by the coronavirus, which certainly involves search alternatives to escape the heat and the boredom that can lead to high temperatures. But how do you do?

In the coming months, the summer holidays are presented uncertain for the majority of spaniards. A 2020 different, not less summery. This is shown by the increase in the sale of swimming pools inflatable, a product that allows you to enjoy a bath in nice in your own home. A way that the children enjoy playing in a distinct environment and, most importantly, it’s super refreshing!

In addition, one of the advantages of these pools inflatables is that they are a good option if you don’t want to do the work and implement a swimming pool. In fact, to be portable you can put them where you want. Even empty it and change your location as many times as you want, although it is recommended keep it in a safe spacebecause the more you move the more risk that you click. The fragility is perhaps his disadvantage with respect to the large pools of work, but its effects do not vary much for those at the end of the day immersed in these pools, inflatables, much more economic that’s fixed.

We show you here some recommendations you have to take into account when you have a swimming pool inflatable. Think about everything in the terrain in which you, the area, and what you need.

Where is best to place the pool?

In the mood for a sunny spot to enjoy a bath and soak up the sun. An area which also is close to an electrical outlet, water and a drain.
You should also consider that the area is protected from the wind and does not have many trees around.

Enjoy the summer with the swimming pool inflatables

Before installing, prepare the ground:

Mark the space in which you’ll install the pool. If the swimming pool is round, you must have a 1 meter diameter that this measure. If it is oval, it will be 1 meter long and 2 feet wide.
It is important that levels the field. Never add ground where it is missing, it is best to remove the excess. Clean the area of roots, stones, etc and compact the soil so that the ground is solid and will withstand the weight of the pool once it is filled with water.
When the ground is clean and level, spread a thin layer of sand sifted (maximum 1 cm thickness), water and compáctalo.

After following these steps, you already have the ideal ground to proceed with the installation of your swimming pool inflatable. To do this you will need only:

Screwdriver tip type star
Tape measure
Game of fixed braces

An easy way to spend summer afternoons, economic, and quality that will allow you to disconnect for a few hours. These inflatable swimming are the best option for any type of gardenwhether large or small. In addition, to be bouncy, you can keep it installed a few months and save it when you are not going to use it, what the difference of these pools work that occupy a lot more space.

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