It’s always good to have a new room in the house, after all, that’s where we spend a lot of time with the family, watch TV, rest on the day, the whole of the work, this is where we receive our guests, our dear friends and family. But as we renovate this space, spending a little bit? How to decorate your room spending little?

Here’s how to decorate your room spending little

Less is more! So, start by doing one cleaning up and taking everything that you don’t use anymore and you don’t like it, but it ended up being for a lot of time in your living room. Free up some space;After the cleanup, you can have more room for traabalhar, then choose the style of decoration that will enhance your living space, whether it is small or large. A small living room, with a smarter, more clean, with just a few elements that you will appreciate it, Change the color, can change everything. Is it possible for a painting in another color just the room. And that the wall could be the “wall attractive living room. Paint it a dark color, simply take the pictures you like, then place in a molduraa thick in white, and make a sort of wall, the use of mirrors also depend on your creativity, and

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Pads: these options are great for changing the atmosphere of the in your living room while spending little. To change the cover of the pillow, nursery patterns, and increase or decrease the number of the seat cushions. Whether on the couch or chairs are of a neutral color such as black, tan, or brown, it’s possible to abuse the colors of the accessories, such as cushions, for example.

15002-living-room-living-room-vila mariana-luciane-bike-live-decorating How to decorate your room spending little

Another thing is that it can be used to decorate your room spending little, is in the recycle bin. To save the bottles from the glass to the ffazer vases or lamps, for example. Wooden furniture can be painted or covered in fabric. If you don’t know how to do it, check out these tips, and do-it-yourself.

9054-living-room-living-design-residential-matthew-gavazzi-living-decorating how to decorate your room spending little

Redistribute any of the furniture, and taalvez is a way to redecorate your room while spending little. Maybe you’re looking for a professional for a consultation to improve the flow and functionality of the ambientee.The shelves or niches that you can install it yourself) is the option that substitutes for a book shelf, for instance.To relocate the frames, it is also a great option for you to change the look of your living room;

14223-home-neighborhood-forest-house-open-living-decorating how to decorate your room spending little

For the last tip, which will influence the look of the living-room is to keep a clean and organized environment. One of the greatest villains in any room of the house, or even in a commercial environment is, of course, the lack of organization. So take a little time out of your day to organise and clean things up, you can be at the end of the day, and the next day you wake up and find a new day and a new environment for you to enjoy with pleasure.

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How to decorate your room while spending little to do with the 9 tips

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