The space that is reserved for relaxation and distraction – that would be the main feature of the area is set to find out how to decorate a living room with TV. And what it will take for that space to meet this goal.

Take a look at our suggestions how to decorate your living room for the tv

In the beginning, look at the size of the room meant for the family room. It needs to hold at least a chair or a couch. The size of your TV should be set according to the distance from the wall where it will be installed on your TV and to the back of the sofa, thus preventing any damage to your eyes. Remember, the unit must be in proportion to the size of the environment. The rule is clear: the larger the environment, the higher you can be in on the TV.

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Example of how to decorate a living room-tv

Here are some examples of different TV-and-distance:

32” – 1,80 m, 42” – 2,40 m 50” – 2,80 m-60” wide – 3.4 m 71” – 3,80 m

Already in the height of the TV is to be determined from the average altitude of the observer’s eye when you sit on the couch.

Also, please note that the hand comes in plenty of natural light. The TV must be mounted in a position perpendicular to the window, and is never in the front or on the back of it, so the brightness will not bother you. If you do not have the option, or even if it is perpendicular, it is always helpful to install curtains or blinds to blackout, so that the TV can only be watched at any time. As for the lighting, artificialprefira light bulbs with warm color, the soft and fuzzy.

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How to choose a good sofa is a key. Look for models that support the arms and back for the head, and which has a density of balanced, very hard, uncomfortable, and soft tissue lead to poor posture, which can cause pain in the back. Most of the models come with a seat-folding, which allows for an extension in order to support the legs. If your couch doesn’t have such a device, and you don’t want to change it up, have a puff, or a toilet seat, padded with in the same way as in this paper.

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Depending on the size of the room, it’s a piece of furniture planned to be able to perfectly accommodate your dvd player, and also the DVD/Blueray/Home Theater system or receiver from the TV to the cable, as it is with modern technology, these devices are no longer occupy a lot of space, and your living-room will look more organized.

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Lamps, tables and a nice rug to complete the look and help with the acoustics of the room. For a table center or on the side is also very useful as you can use drinking glasses, cups, or small plates of appetizers! Complete with the beautiful box that will serve to hold the remote control.

And now that we are in the dead of winter, you just leave it in a warm blanket draped over your couch? It will certainly be very useful during cold nights, as well as making the environment more comfortable, while allowing you to watch your TV in with the room.

All ready to go? So now you have to do is push ON, and relax!

Marcia Mira is a contributor to the Magazine, Viva Decora and professional website, as Simple As that

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