Whereas, on the way to live in the present, all of the spaces in the house have their own importance and use of collateral. Meanwhile, in the living room continues to be the business card of any home. Space is noble, and that the “striking” to anyone who comes in to the living room is definitely worth a decor plan, which combines functionality and aesthetics, in the most harmonious as possible.

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When your space is small, it’s a good plan, which involves the furniture and the decorative items and, if needed, to avoid any unpleasant surprises, such as a chair that does not fit in or to a coffee table that you have committed a serious movement. Measure of the environment as well as the furniture you have, and you want to take advantage of, it is certainly a good start. Draw a sketch (floor plan), with all of the pieces of furniture that you will join in this space, and it will help you to realize your ideas, and to make any changes to the layout and a more mindful.

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Have a look at the proportionality of the size of the pieces and let them have dominion in to the temptation to put all of the things that you think is cute or you see in the magazines for home décor. Please note: the less furniture in your living room, a lighter and the environment, will be, and, consequently, it will look bigger. Movement is another key aspect to be considered. You must maintain a minimum of 60 cm to use on your classroom does not result in stress, or the possibility of harm esbarrando on mobile devices.

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The next step is to adopt a style. Especially in the case of the small room, opt for the one reference to this, as the style of the modern and the minimalist, so in the example. The fact that they have straight lines, and the data will provide you with the feeling of being in a larger environment and a cleaner, more visual way. Mix of styles is also a possibility, especially if the room is big. Then well use the one piece of furniture belonged to her grandmother, and that it will provide a counterpoint to the harmonious-in a design, clean.

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Mine vintage pieces in markets and antique shops, also is an outlet for those who wish to print out the personality in the decoration. As important as it is for the worse, leaving an environment that has to face the master of the house, it is also a challenge. Invest in the kingdom of the family, and the objects of the estimates, such as those brought in from a trip, for example. Frames for photos photo frames and works of art that deserve to be explored further. Just be careful not to let the end-result to express the good taste and balance.

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Finally, when it comes to choosing the colour, it is important to bear in mind is that the egg whites ensure a sense of space and do not interfere with the remainder of the decor. A neutral color can easily be paired with other neutrals, or with a choice of one of the most vibrant. If you are fond of bright colors, a book for all the details, as pillows, and ornaments, or use on a single piece, such as a chair or a small sofa. The result tends to be a very good one, just to make sure that the play-of-color with vibrant, establish a communication with the other items.

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How to decorate my living room with my style and taste

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