In this project, the client asked us for a living and dining room integrated with the kitchen, over an island, which is supposed to be the focal point of the environment. On the basis of that request, we have created an island, faced in Corian and neutralizamos the rest of the coatings, textured concrete, the flooring of porcelain tiles that line Concretissyma on the Portobello road. The wall was made of porcelain in the same Concretissyma Portobello road, and the pillar is apparent, it has been made with resin and lacquer. With a neutral base ensured, we have been able to use the colors in the decorative features, without the fear of making a mistake at all.

Starting with the bright orange color of the pads to the kitchen, the chairs at the dining room table the following is the striking color, which is reproduced on time in some of the decorative items. To the center of the dining table and was the chosen one-terrarium in a glass so as not to create volume and give the visual interference. Already at the large drop in white lacquer, made up of the vessels and brings a rustic look to the glass, and contrasted with the effect of the material, and the bowls, and the bottles in the bar. In the framework of three-dimensional complementary to the composition of the dining room.

Follow these tips of how to decorate a small living room

In the living room, on shelves, organize some objects, such as vases, cut, objects that are mined in the travel for the client, books and picture frames-ethnic, well-colored, and that stand out on the neutral base of the pillar is broken. Bean bags in the trunk of a tree, the vessels of vietnamese origin, blankets and pillows are provided in india is complementary to the environment desired by the client, referring to his travels. Additionally, a coffee table in lacquer, orange, custom-made with a wire box, the container and the floor lamp tripod to ensure a good mix of style, the ethnic and the industrial environment.

In the end, the curtains let you control the lighting of the environment of the living room gets the afternoon sun. Design lighting highlights the main points of the composition of the scene for each room.

A small living room, with a good tip is to bet it on a nice couch, preferably in a neutral colour. In addition, bespoke furnishings and a drop-down zooms in on the environment, not to make too many gray areas. The dining room table with glass top, also help to give a lightness to the environment.

A good solution is the use of a mirror in a strategic point, this will help you replicate your environment and give you the feeling of being much wider. If this is the case, it was not our intention to replicate visually, none of the environments, but it is a solution of the joker for so many projects.

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How to decorate a small living room, without losing the charm of

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