Decorating a small living room can appear to be a challenge, but take note of these tips and you will see that this can’t be true. The starting point for decorating a small living room apartment-is a plan for the environment. Study how you want to use it, and distribute it to the mobile according to their needs, always paying attention to the dimensions, and the movement between pieces of furniture.

To decorate a small living room, your choice of furniture, multifunctional is the way to success, as well as the use of lightweight parts that can be moved around with ease.

Tips on how to decorate a small living room in apartment

How to decorate a small living room, apartment 1

Design by Liliana Zenaro

To avoid excessive furniture and prioritize parts of a larger scale. This is because the use of many of the furniture in a small affect on the movement and gives a sense of space, entulhado. Already the choice of the larger pieces can create a visual appeal and allow the living room to win in the feature. A good example of this is the choice of the sofa is a generous man, who can work, to watch TV, and accommodate visitors or to receive a guest for the evening.

How to decorate a small living room, apartment 2

Design by Liliana Zenaro

But it is necessary to ensure the right balance with the other pieces of furniture in the minors, and more than one function, such as poufs and seats, which can serve as either a coffee table as a footrest, it is transformed into seating for additional guests.

Another important feature in the decor of a small living room, in the cabinet making to-measure you may incorporate innovative ways to store, hide, pillars, or gap in the wall, creating room dividers between living environments and to complete the interior design.

The design of the workshop, you would prefer the furniture down with a shelf or niche on the loose on the wall, instead of a stand, which is easy on the visual. Place the objects in a balanced way, and grouped in one volume, pitch, shape, or color, and distribute them in an interesting way, and not in a random way, or just simply hand-in-hand. This is important because it is a visual, organized, reduces the feeling of tightness. The use of the panels from the wood shop that is also an interesting solution, because it can work either as a decorative element, by combining numerous finishes, and lighting-and later, how to hide the wires from the TV and sound systems, and video.

Liliana Zenaro How to decorate a small living room in apartment

Design by Liliana Zenaro

Invest in a color palette of soft shades and neutral, so as not to diminish the feeling of the space. Would prefer light colors on the walls, and in the larger parts, such as a sofa or a dining table. But that doesn’t mean that the room should be in black and white. You can restrict the use of the colors in the pillows, furniture and smaller decorative items. That way, you won’t tire quickly, decor, and if you want to repaginá it without much difficulty, you can simply switch out the accessories.

Curtains and Blinds How to decorate a small living room in apartment

Design by Liliana Zenaro

In order to complement the decor of the living rooms are small, to invest in the use of a mirror to make the space appear larger. In addition to providing broad, it also reflects the natural light of the outside landscape. Very elegant and decorative art for living rooms are small, the mirrors should be used for covering the total area of the wall and not on the smaller parts, with scrapbooks, photo frames, so don’t reach the goal-to expand the space.

How to decorate a small living room, apartment 6

Design by Liliana Zenaro

Remember that a living room is a place from which we should seek, not only to the comfort of the physical, but visual too. With the above tips, you’ll be able to ride in a comfortable, convenient and attractive to use, with a compact design.

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Liliana Zenaro is a contributor to the Magazine, Viva Decora graduated in Engineering from the university of são paulo and Interior Design at the Escola Panamericana de Arte, engaged in the field for around 15 years.

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How to decorate a small living room in apartment

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