A piece of furniture, narrow and long, and the sideboard is a piece of wild in the decor of a room. It can also be used in the most demanding environments. In the lobby, support to the portfolio, and a bag when we got home. In the living room to place accessories or support for objects. In the dining-room, with a mirror above it on the wall, is used to support those trays of drinks, and cups, as well as a breakfast buffet for the dining room. In the bathroom, to put on clothes and a towel in the bathroom. In the bedroom, make up, and perfumes. In other words, the cheaper it is always welcome. How to decorate a sideboard, then?’

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Dresser with mirror

Below, on the dresser, if it is leaked out, what you put in? It can be either a vase with greenery, a vase of flowers, more than a vase, a jar, and one ottoman, and two ottomans, a magazine rack, a lamp, etc.

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The trimmer can also be used in other ways, too: how to decorate aparadora to act as a counter to the grill area with benches, for example. As a desk in the room that is used as a home office. That is, it can also be a piece of furniture that’s multifunctional, which allows you to save space. During holidays, such as Christmas, for example, you can use the trimmer for the ride of your Christmas tree to your crib, to put this under, or even mount it to the table and the food table.

The models of the cupboards differ in size, shape, color, and finish. There are the ones that stand out, with a contemporary design and a single straight line, or a more rustic.

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The trimmer can also be used to divide up rooms. You can be laid back on the couch and dividing the living room from the dining room. All the parts of you that decorating your dresser, you may or may not follow the former. If they are present in different sizes, providing a sense of movement. Flower pots, picture frames, candles, bottles, they are interesting options to place on top of the dresser.

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Here are a few tips on how to decorate a dresser

The arrangement of the flowers or foliage;a Tray with a bottle of drink, and their glasses, In the office, you may put it on the coffee machine and its accessories;The telephone, a door, a pencil and a pen, and a notepad;In the bathroom, or half bathroom, at home or in the toilets of the business environment can be used doilies wrapped up as a decoration, soap, aromatizadores, etc., for Books, magazines, and newspapers in A tank, At a doctor’s office, for example, you could put up flyers, presentation, magazine, coffee shop, anyway, there are plenty of options, but If you have to work on the the wall, behind the dresser, it’s also a good way to spruce it up. With mirrors, paintings, wallpaper, and also to the details of lighting, whether it’s coming from the roof or from the sconces on the wall.

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How to decorate a sideboard in order to be a useful item and an elegant

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